Make group bowling fun: rules, tips and different ways to bowl with others

Make group bowling fun: rules, tips and different ways to bowl with others

Bowling is a great game because of its varied nature. It can be both a highly competitive race against others and just a fun time with your friends where no one cares about the score. After you’ve gone bowling many times, though, it’s only natural to want to mix it up a bit and try fun new ways to bowl. Bowlers all over the world have come up with great different ways to make your time at the lane even more fun. They range from formal rules systems in league play to silly ways to bowl with your friends.

If you’re just bowling with your friends during open bowling hours, you can really choose whatever rules you want. You can have everyone compete against each other for the best overall score, or you can pair up with a friend and have your combined score go up against another couple’s. Also, if you’re just there to have a good time, you might not even care to look at the results.

The only time the rules really matter is if you’re joining a league. If you choose this route, there are endless variations and your bowling center will make it very clear what the rules are. The most common format is to have your team’s total score against an opposing team and each bowler gets a handicap added to their score based on their average score. This is meant to level the playing field and give everyone a fair chance to win. A better bowler would get fewer handicap pins added to his score and a beginner would get more pins.

Recreational bowlers have come up with some other great rules for group bowling. It is popular to agree that the lowest score wins and to try to get the players to hit the fewest pins. For this to work, it’s a good idea to count the gutterball as a hit so players can’t just throw it into the gutter and win.

You can also have each bowler use their non-dominant bowling hand. Some bowlers like to experiment with different delivery styles, such as the “granny” style. However, if you’re going to try something like this, remember to be safe and not upset the lane staff.

When you’re looking to have fun bowling, the sky’s the limit!

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