Make money online by completing micro tasks

Make money online by completing micro tasks

Freelancing is becoming more popular every day.

The younger generation is starting to take freelancing seriously, making it a top priority. Everyone wants to be their own boss, truly enjoy life and live stress-free. Thanks to technology and especially the internet, freelancing has become much easier than it was 10 years ago. This is actually becoming a huge business where people use their skills to help others at a lower cost.

Short tasks or micro tasks.

Several students, for example, work from home. Ditto for housewives and stay-at-home moms. This is all thanks to online platforms that allow anyone to join and accept online jobs from companies. Housewives, for example, do micro-jobs in their spare time. The good thing is that these tasks require a maximum of one hour per day. In case you have kids at home, you know how hard it is to get things done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home. Short tasks or micro tasks are perfect for busy moms. They can earn good money this way and take care of their children at the same time. Here is a good list of tasks you can do if you are in this group of people:

Take surveys: you can easily make up to $100 per month just by taking online surveys. All you have to do is Google “paid survey sites”. Join several of these sites to increase your income. When you sign up, use your primary email address to receive regular invitations to take new surveys.

  • Most of these surveys pay up to $3 and take up to 45 minutes to complete.
  • You get paid cash, gift cards, free products, or free sweepstakes entries.
  • You don’t have to pay to take surveys, so if someone asks you for money to join a survey site, don’t pay them.
  • Check the website’s privacy policy to make sure it won’t sell your personal information.

Test websites: participate in something called “remote usability testing”, this means getting paid to navigate a website and provide feedback. Most of these tests take 15 minutes and you get paid up to $10 per test. One of these tests is to run a scenario on the client’s website and while recording yourself. Example: Go through the process of purchasing a product from a retailer’s website. You need: computer, microphone, fast internet connection.

Student tutor: you can certainly help students by being so called online tutors. Nowadays, several families really like this opportunity to teach their children. You can help a child with their homework or help a student studying for an exam. It depends on the level of education you have. All you need is your own computer and fast internet. Online companies assign students to you depending on your profile. You get paid from $9 to $30 per hour, depending on your education and the subject you will be teaching.

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