Modern video games

Modern video games

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Video games are no longer considered an idle or outdated pastime that was once considered a waste of time. In today’s world, when most of the world’s population prefers to play them, it is an activity that is defined as one that can enhance a person’s decision-making ability and give a boost to his analytical skills. It has been researched that allowing people to play video games has a positive impact on their reasoning, decision-making and processing skills, all of which help improve mental functioning.


Once upon a time, these games were considered a waste of time and were believed to have no productive contribution. Parents think that games are a luxury given only to children to motivate them to study harder and use them as a tool for encouragement. However, today’s parent looks at games from a different perspective. Productive content and platforms video games today have emerged as informative and constructive. With various platforms that actually have the capacity to support mental development, they are widely used by instructors and parents to help their children with their mental development and growth. There are many genres of video games on the market today:

• Educational.

• Adventure.

• Action.

• Dress Up (and other games aimed at girls).

• Strategy.


In addition to having a positive impact on children, the activity brings positivity to adults as well. Video games involve quick decision-making and high levels of situational analysis that help reinforce these activities. By playing more video games, a person can speed up their decision making skills by improving them as they increase their level of playing games. Video games are also known to help improve hand-eye coordination. This involves quick situational analysis and decision making, which then allows a player/person to make a quick decision and then execute it, thereby improving hand-eye coordination.

Health Benefits:

Gaming activity is also good for mental health and depression. The activity acts as a source for venting anger and pent-up emotions. This is mainly due to the fact that video games involve a high level of engagement and brain activity. Such high levels of brain activity result in a person focusing on the virtual world and reducing their actions by engaging in mentally tiring activity. These video games can also be a social outlet, allowing people who are left out an opportunity to get some connection. Online gaming is a major source of offering people to interact with gamers from all over the world and play with or against them. This further helps in improving their coordination and teamwork skills which can help them immensely in the real world where such skills are highly sought after and valued.


Video games are a great source of feeding the brain and keeping it healthy and engaged. It keeps the brain engaged and smoothes it out, making its muscles work harder. They are now being used to improve brain functionality in children as well as adults, proving the fact that they have the capacity to be productive and beneficial. Although there are certain games with violent and rough content that most people may tend to be disturbed by, but there are still many options available and different genres in the market that can support brain development to a great extent. These games played on consoles are now not only a source of entertainment, but are considered an activity that can improve a person’s performance and increase his or her competence and efficiency by making them more aware and alert. In this way, it can be said that the activity has evolved from a recreational sport to a useful and productive action.

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