Never put your life on hold waiting for someone else

Never put your life on hold waiting for someone else

Do you wait for others to make a move so you can then make a move? If you are, it means you are playing a game of chess and waiting for your opponent to move his knight so you can then checkmate. However, if you’re not playing chess, then there’s really no reason to put your life on hold because you’re waiting for someone to make a move on you or your life. One of the biggest causes of resentment in any relationship is the sacrifice one makes for family, spouse, partner or work and gets nothing in return. We listen to half-truths, empty promises, innuendos, and then fuel our hopes with expectations.

Now what happens when we realize that those promises were empty? Your hopes and dreams crash violently to the ground where they shatter into pieces. Now you are left with a series of questions – why, why, why? You start to go crazy wondering what happened and when that question goes unanswered you start to lose it wondering how people can treat others with so little consideration.

Here is the hard truth, and believe me, it was hard for me to swallow. The hard truth is that if someone can get away with walking in and out of your life and doing whatever they want knowing you’re not going anywhere, they’re going to take advantage of your free time. You have a lot of free time if someone can come in and out of your life whenever they want and you keep bringing them back with whatever new excuse for the day they give you. I bet if you were busy in your life and occupied yourself, others wouldn’t be able to steal your precious time. Because when you get some free time in your busy life, you will treasure it so much.

Now you may be saying that it is selfish not to be there for others, and you would be right. But it’s also selfish not to be for yourself as well. I learned this the hard way. I always did for everyone and everyone was very happy with it. I put my life on hold to be there for others while those others were quite happily for themselves and quite happily took and took and took more from me without thinking of the sacrifices I made for them. They treated me terribly because I “worked for them”. The moment I realized how much of myself I had sacrificed over the years and how much of my dreams I had put aside for others and started being for myself, the knives, the axes got sharper and the blows started coming fast. But I have made a promise to myself that I will no longer sacrifice my life waiting and doing for others and putting my life and dreams on hold.

The thing is, while you put your life on hold waiting for others, they happily go about their lives knowing you’re there when they’re ready to use you or wipe their dirty feet on you. It’s even worse when they laugh at you and your so called “sedentary life”. They don’t even realize that your life is blocked because you did for them. And what’s worse, they’ll throw it in your face that they never asked you to do anything.

There is nothing more rewarding than living your life for you, no matter how many people don’t like you for it. You don’t have to live an ordinary life. Instead, live an extraordinary life. You deserve it and it’s your birthright. You only have one life, so live it boldly and beautifully and watch your world transform into something dynamic. You will find that people who once loved you will now hate you because you no longer sacrifice your life for them. They may even try to block your life from moving forward, but you are the captain of your life ship and can point your life compass in any direction you choose.

Always treat your life and time as precious and when you do, you will not allow anyone to disturb your time and life. If someone expects you to put your life on hold and wait for them, appreciate where they are in their life, but you have to respect your life and support it. If you want to serve someone, make sure that your life is not sacrificed. Do it because you want to, not because of empty promises, half-truths and hints.

Don’t give up on yourself for someone else. You are just as important. So value your life and time. If others want to be apart of your life, they will have to respect and value your time and your life. Get busy in your life with your dreams and goals so that when others come in contact with you, you will know immediately if they are with and for you or traveling in another direction. That way no one’s time is wasted or sacrificed. You will begin to feel happier within yourself because you are now fulfilling your dreams and goals instead of sacrificing yourself for others.


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