Note to Self – Debt Consolidation is not a Loan!

Note to Self – Debt Consolidation is not a Loan!

I’m really tired of writing checks. I remember when I got my first checking account. Seeing the check numbers grow one by one. My mother’s account numbers were over 10,000.

Hers were so high that her bank didn’t even look to see if there was money in the account before cashing them out. This was back in the day when your banker knew you. Things changed, Mom’s bank was bought out. No one knows anyone anymore.

I’m sitting here looking at this checkbook. I’ve had it so many times I just want to scream.

What I need is a loan. I think it might not be a loan. I’ve been down this road before. I know the way out of debt is not with more debt. I can make my payments. Lower pay won’t change my life. Getting out of debt, oh yes, THAT will change my life.

I dream of how my life would change if my salary was all mine. Of course I will still have expenses, the house, the car, the food and so on. But if everything else was mine in the bank, I could save enough in 2 years to pay cash for a new car. Or I could finance a new car today and stay 6 years. Yes, I know I can make bigger payments, but I don’t.

I want the payments to go away.

I could easily live without a checkbook. If I have enough in the bank, I could do pretty well with simple debit card and ATM transactions. I would only use credit cards for travel or renting a car.

Writing is like a walk around the block. Yes, that keeps me busy and I don’t write checks HA! Did I tell you I’m sick of writing checks?

The truth is, I recently graduated from a debt management program. I am now debt free except for the car and house. It took me 4 years to pay off all my unsecured debt in full. My credit score is 730. I never checked it while I was in this DMP. They said I would have a good result. I just wanted those credit card bills to go away.

Guess what, my credit card companies really appreciated getting paid in full. Although they have less interest in DMP, my credit score is great. And I was able to get approved for a mortgage while still in DMP.

I still don’t like my checkbook, but life is good.


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