Open That Wine You Silly Rabbit

Open That Wine You Silly Rabbit

According to most experts, wine has many health benefits. Because of its natural plant compounds, wine has been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease and slow the progression of certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Drinking a glass of wine is both relaxing and enjoyable. And before you pour that glass of wine, you’ll want to be able to easily remove the cork. With the Rabbit wine opener, you’ll have the cork pulled in three seconds; they work so well and are so easy to maneuver.

The Rabbit wine opener has several different versions. The original comes in a sleek presentation case in black or silver and automatically releases the cap once removed from the bottle. It’s a great looking opener and has actually won two design awards. The Vertical Rabbit makes for quick and easy cork pulls and is available in gray or red. Includes Lucite presentation case. The new VIP Edition version comes with a luxurious gift box made of leather and chrome, and the colors are red and black. The corkscrew is clean and a polished chrome foil knife and extra spiral are included. The Deluxe Rabbit Wine Opener has cast metal grip handles and a top handle. Includes case, foil cutter and extra mascara. The Zippity version has a clear corkscrew and includes a zippered EVA case and a polycarbonate window. Also includes foil cutter and extra mascara. The Rabbit electric wine opener pulls the cork automatically and then ejects it automatically. Includes an illuminated LCD screen that reflects the number of corks you can still remove before reloading. Metrokane, the manufacturer, stands behind its products, including a ten-year warranty on each one.

Metrokane also offers wine accessories other than the Rabbit wine opener with the same name Rabbit, which stands for quality. There is an aerating jet that you simply place in a wine bottle and as you pour the wine you can see and hear the aerating. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the enhanced taste and bouquet of wine carbonated to perfection.

While some wine thermometers can be time-consuming, the Rabbit Purometer is as easy to use as Rabbit wine openers. You simply lower the probe into an open bottle of wine and insert the purometer. You will then remove the stopper and the LCD screen will display the temperature of the wine in Fahrenheit or Celsius. When the screen registers the ideal drinking temperature, it’s time to pour the wine. What could be simpler?

Bunny bars are another great accessory that will look good with any kitchen decor. This is a four liter double wall stainless steel ice bucket. Includes a six-piece stainless band tool set that is designed to fit inside the ice bucket. There’s a strainer, ice straps, a muddler, a double jigger and a bottle/can opener all in the tool bag. Also included is a cocktail shaker with an opening lid.

You can find Rabbit wine openers and other accessories online. With a ten-year warranty on wine openers and two design awards, you’re sure to find all the wine and bar products that suit your needs.

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