Own a cash business – you need a secure drop capsule or envelope safe

Own a cash business – you need a secure drop capsule or envelope safe

No one ever told me I needed a floor safe with a deposit option. Actually, I never knew there was such a thing. The cash business I had for about 10 years was taking lots of coins and notes daily and also keeping valuable customer financial information on-site. This had to be kept in a safe overnight. The person who wanted to finance a drug bust must not have connected my busy business with money and luckily I was never arrested or robbed, but to this day I shudder to think what might have happened.

Safe for your business?

Here is a good tip! You will need a safe for security if you have a cash business, period. It’s fair to say that most businesses won’t invest in one until a robbery takes place. A corporate business on the high street will accept payments by card, coin and bank notes, with some customers likely to pay on account. While the lot will deposit card payments into your bank, you can take the cash with you overnight or leave it at the business to be deposited the next morning, in an envelope tucked under a desk or somewhere else. You want a theft, or a robbery, or a burglary. For this reason, you need to have a first-line security measure and protect your business income. Fail to take this precaution and your day will come.

Safest for your business

Which or whether you choose both types has its advantages and disadvantages. In favor of the floor variety is that it is hidden, takes up less space and is of course fireproof if embedded in concrete. Although floor safes are very popular, they are usually limited in size and are not practical for storing certain items such as cash. I like floor safes because they are hidden.

Launch facility

A safe under the floor with the possibility of dropping money is called a bank safe. The cash deposit mechanism allows money to be deposited until a reasonable person such as a manager or owner can reconcile the deposit and bank it. As cash accumulates throughout the day, businesses may find it prudent to clean out cash registers with extra cash and leave it in the cash register. Again, the floor safe is very practical as it is hidden, takes up no space and is fireproof. Nightclubs, hotels and bars that stop trading late into the night benefit from the security and simplicity of cash floor safes.

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