Philippines airport worker filmed after her flight canceled due to typhoons

Philippines airport worker filmed after her flight canceled due to typhoons

A video of a woman beating an airport employee in the Philippines has gone viral on TikTok after several flights were canceled due to typhoons in the country.

In a now-deleted video filmed and posted by a TikTok user @jackie_solo_travellerThe woman can be seen yelling at a Pacific Cebu employee and demanding to see their manager at an unknown airport.

“We need answers.” he shouts. “So don’t you tell me to ‘manage your own embarrassing booking’ because we’ve been doing it for a long time. Do you understand? So you get the manager.”

The man, whose relationship with the woman is unclear, appears from behind and tries to defuse the situation. He pulls away from her and continues to shout in frustration. We spent money here.”

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In the description of his video, @jackie_solo_traveller wrote:

“The typhoon in the Philippines caused the cancellation of many flights. My flight was canceled 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. The airline staff then closed the only help desk and told us to manage our own flights.”

He backs up his explanation in a follow-up video, where he says his own flight was delayed for “232 hours, which is about eight or nine days.”

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“I didn’t hear them say don’t mind your reservation, but I’m assuming that’s what the girl said in the video,” he continues. “Obviously, a lot of people were very confused, angry, that girl [was] especially angry. But that’s kind of what happened behind the scenes, just kind of being stuck in the airport, basically.”

Commenters on the subsequent video slammed both the angry woman and the airline.

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“Companies are getting away with their lack of proper customer service,” wrote one user. “Government should stand up and be pro-consumer to promote the country.”

“There is no excuse for a woman to behave the way she did,” wrote another user. “The ground staff know next to nothing.”

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