Poker Book Review – Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em by Collin Moshman

Poker Book Review – Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ’em by Collin Moshman

In Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em Collin Moshman, the master of sit n go, delivers another world-class hold’em textbook. Moshman covers each of the many aspects of heads-up play with a theoretical example, a live example, and detailed explanation and instruction.

Many authors recommend reading and rereading their work so that their concepts and instructions can take root. In Moshman’s case, I think you’ll need about twenty or more readings. This is not an easy book to read and understand. And remembering and applying the principles will be even more difficult.

So here are some tips to help you absorb all that this book has to offer:

  • Plan to play at least fifty heads-up tournaments.
  • When each tournament ends, print a copy of the tournament hand history.
  • On hand history, copy, review and comment on every play by you and your opponent.
  • Refer to Moshman’s examples and instructions to identify your mistakes and learn to read your opponent.
  • Bookmark and bookmark Moshman’s book for quick reference. And,
  • Keep his book handy as you play, there are some helpful diagrams included.


Follow this regimen and you’ll become a vastly improved heads-up racer. If you’re really stumped, post a question in the twoplustwo heads-up forum.

Here are some of Moshman’s notable tips:

“In heads-up play, most of the time, neither player has a ‘good’ hand. So the person who bets and raises most aggressively will often have an advantage, other things being equal.” Page 14.

“With draws, as opposed to made hands, it’s often better to check-raise. This is because if your opponent checks behind you, you still benefit from getting a free card that can complete your draw. But with a ready hand, such as a pair, you want immediate value, and future cards are more likely to help your opponent than you.” Page 38.

“A very strong play in heads-up poker is to raise your button preflop and then bet on the flop if you checked.” Page 51.

“The main criterion for deciding whether to play a tight-aggressive or loose-aggressive style is your opponent.” Page 56.

“LAG (loose-aggressive) is like an intelligent nerd. He understands the benefits of the maniac’s unrelenting aggression, but is capable of folding when clearly defeated. This style is usually the hardest to counter heads-up, and that’s exactly why you should play this way.” Page 71.

Moshman is also the author of Sit ‘n Go Strategy, perhaps the most popular Sit ‘n Go book in print. Both of his books should be required reading in any poker classroom.

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