Prepaid calling cards that allow you to send text messages

Prepaid calling cards that allow you to send text messages

Prepaid phone cards are communication tools that go beyond the card customers buy. The processes of getting the minutes to the customer actually start with the customer. When a person is enrolled in a monthly plan, there are usually minutes that go unused.

However, since the phone company has already sold the minutes, it does not transfer the minutes. Therefore, when the phone companies have their extra minutes, instead of losing money and throwing away the extra minutes, they choose to turn around and sell the minutes so they don’t lose the money. Basically, this is where prepaid calling card minutes come in.

Most prepaid mobile calling cards offer text messaging services

Text messaging is a service that allows you to receive important messages when you’re on the go. Since text messaging is now part of the prepaid mobile calling card service, users can send and receive quick, short text messages on their digital phones.

There are also some conventional landline phones that allow SMS messaging, allowing a cell phone user to communicate via text. Text messaging transmits numeric or alphanumeric messages to your digital wireless phone. Now you can get important information right away without having to interrupt meetings to take calls or use up valuable airtime.

Prepaid calling cards offer different rates for calls and SMS services

Most prepaid calling card providers support lower calling and texting rates, but some of them add some fees and service charges that offset the cost of the lower calling rates. Sometimes these fees will cover their services, and sometimes they are used to pay other fees, such as FCC or state telecommunications taxes. There are some calling card companies that minimize their service charges, but they often have higher rates for calls or SMS per minute.

Engine for sending text messages

Typically, prepaid calling card users can send SMS to local or international locations. Sending SMS to local destinations is an affordable way to send messages and rates vary from provider to provider. However, sending and SMSing abroad is quite a bit more expensive than texting in local areas, as calling card providers will add international call charges, which partly cover additional call charges incurred by an overseas operator.

As with sending text messages to local destinations, you can also send SMS messages abroad, provided the other party on the receiving end has a digital landline or has the same mechanism for receiving text messages. When you send text messages, you don’t have to worry about using up your airtime minutes as they won’t be deducted. However, if you access voicemail from your wireless phone to send a message, you will use airtime minutes.

Calling cards can be found conveniently in many places. They are sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, airports, and other high-traffic locations. Phone cards are sold with different minutes and at different prices. One can buy phone cards with a certain period of time on the card. Prepaid calling cards have pre-paid minutes, so as they get used to it, one can see how much time is left on the calling card. – Fixed rate phone card

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