Prevent identity theft while traveling

Prevent identity theft while traveling

Prevent identity theft while traveling

Nowadays, thieves use various cutting-edge options to extract your most important information to use for personal gain. In most cases, thieves take advantage of your absence from the office or home to commit identity theft. Discussed further in this article are some important tips to prevent identity theft while traveling or when you are away from your office as well as the workplace.

As a first step, stop your mail by informing your local post office to hold your letters and other urgent information until you return from your holiday. It’s just as important to protect your critical information, such as your Social Security card number, credit and debit card information, mortgage and bank account information, in a safe place, preferably in a safe deposit box at your credit union or bank. In fact, it is better not to keep these important documents in your home because if thieves manage to get into your home when you are gone, they will have plenty of time to move around and look for these details.

Likewise, put newspapers on hold when you’re planning a vacation, as a pile of newspapers on your doorstep can easily tip off thieves that you’re away from home. Also, never post like “I’m on vacation” or “I’m on vacation and I’ll be back after a while” on social networking sites like Twitter, Orkut, FaceBook, and MySpace. Sometimes such posts can serve as an open invitation for thieves to steal your important information.

Also, when packing your travel bag, never carry important documents in your travel bag as well as wallet. For example, it is advisable to only carry one or two credit or debit cards in your wallet. If you carry an ATM card and a bank check in your hand, avoid carrying more cash in your wallet. The safer option would be to use credit cards instead of using cards and checks at an ATM. However, be careful when using a credit card at restaurants or shopping malls, as thieves can use a special device to clone your important information.

Likewise, while on the go, it would be better to put your wallet in your front pack instead of carrying it in your back pocket. It is equally important to avoid leaving your personal information such as passport, wallet and laptop in your hotel room when you go sightseeing or to indulge in the main activities of the place.

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