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Print sales

Print sales

The single most important skill you can learn

Copywriting, sales-copy, sales-letters, copywriting, call it what you will, but “sales in print” is, in my humble opinion, the most important skill you can learn in your online pursuit of financial freedom.

Some marketers may say that building your list is the most important skill, but it’s undeniable… good copywriters can basically write their own paychecks, and great copywriters are usually millionaires!

Did you fully understand the last statement?

Sit back for a few seconds and really absorb that statement. Do you realize that there are people who can write a few pages and do thousands dollars… whenever and wherever they want? Imagine sitting on the beach with your wireless laptop and making more money in one letter than most people make in a year! you do not believe me

Look at this. The current cost of hiring a world-class premium copywriter to write a one- to ten-page cover letter is over $15,000.00 or more, of course, depending on their popularity, conversion rates, click-through and response rates, and other factors.

This may seem like an astronomical amount of money, but when you consider the fact that some marketers make millions of dollars from these advertising letters, then this figure does not seem so large.

The great thing is that effective writing can be taught and learned. It’s not necessarily art. Sure, there are some wordsmiths who have more natural “gift” than others, but most great writers aren’t necessarily born great…they made yourself great.

How to become a better “print seller”? Well, this term was coined sometime in the late 1800s by the late great John E. Kennedy. And that’s where I suggest you start, with the all-time masters from “back in the day.”

John E. Kennedy is one of the greatest advertisers of all time. He thought it was good advertising, “a rational, unadorned sales vehicle.” He stated that the True Cause-Why copy is logic plus persuasion plus conviction, all woven into a certain simplicity of thought – pre-digested to the average mind so that it is easier to understand than to understand wrong.”

Ok, he went into a bit of depth there, but that sums it up in a nutshell! In other words, if you give a person good enough “reasons why” they should buy from you in a way they understand, your conversion rates should go up.

Some other great advertisers to study if you’re a beginner are: Albert Lasker (of the infamous ad agency Lord and Thomas), Claude Hopkins, who wrote Scientific Advertising, Eugene Schwartz (his hard-to-find book, Breakthrough Advertising is a must read ) and John Caples to name a few.

So take your foundation from the all-time greats and then match it with the best in the business today. People like Gary Bencivenga, Joe Vitale and the late great Gary Halbert come to mind. That’s because online writing today is a bit different than writing it used to be all printed once.

Then formulate your own writing philosophy based on a combination of both worlds, combined with your own experience and personality.

Once you improve your writing skills, every aspect of your communication with your customers and prospects will improve, and so will your conversion rates. And not only will your conversion rates improve, just by improving your writing skills, you will naturally improve your verbal communication skills and thus your relationships inside and outside of your business.

But remember, knowledge is nothing without action!

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