Progressive bike and caravan insurance quotes are getting better

Progressive bike and caravan insurance quotes are getting better

There are changes from insurance company Progressive aimed at offering even more competitive rates for motorcycle and recreational vehicle policies. The company’s successful pricing strategy that promotes savings and flexibility for personal auto insurance will be used for bikes, boats and RVs. Naturally, the exact details of how rate quotes are determined for each policy are a closely guarded secret, but Progressive strives to offer competitive rates to all customers, regardless of how they choose to purchase insurance. Recently when I asked “Why Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles Now?” the response was ‚ÄúProgressive has always priced our policies based on our costs. Over the last few years we have seen different costs of channel losses and our prices will now reflect these cost differences. Our goal is to most accurately (competitively) sell boat, motorcycle and RV insurance at a price when, where and how customers want to buy.”

Progressive encourages consumers to buy their products the way they like. Progressive insurance quotes online, over the phone or in person, directly from the company or through an authorized Progressive agent, are easy to obtain. The smartest buyer looking for the best value will compare offers from more than one company and through more than one distribution channel. People often think that rates are automatically higher than an independent agent because of sales commissions, but that’s simply not true. Customer service, marketing and other tasks performed by the agent replace the work done by the company’s employees, and this reduces costs. Progressive takes everything into account and prices accordingly, with no penalty for how, when and where a consumer buys a policy and this keeps prices very competitive. Customer service and claims departments are the same for all.

Progressive is always inventing ways to keep prices low and improve the customer experience. Some of the more familiar ones used for personal car policies, such as a snapshot, price checker and competitor rate display, are ‘modern’ and very user-friendly. Vehicle enthusiasts may want to get a quote right now for insurance on their special ‘baby’ and stay tuned for many more positive changes that are sure to come from Progressive. No doubt some changes will come with a lot of fanfare and hype and some will not. Keep in mind that authorized Progressive agents can be a valuable source of information and may be able to offer you the lowest possible rate. Independent agents usually offer Progressive enthusiastically, but also have the flexibility to quote and underwrite with different companies.

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