Queen Marta Louise of Norway renounced the title of “shaman” Durek Veret

Queen Marta Louise of Norway renounced the title of “shaman” Durek Veret


It’s a classic royal love story. A princess gives up her royal privileges to be with her one true love. This time it’s Princess Martha Louise of Norway, who stepped down from her royal duties on Tuesday to work on alternative medicine with her fiance, self-proclaimed shaman Durek Veret.

In statementThe Norwegian royal house said the princess “is taking this step to create a clearer dividing line between her business activities and her role as a member of the royal family.”

51-year-old Martha Louise, only daughter of King Harald of Norway, a video announcement Tuesday that there was no rift between her and the royal family and that she hoped the change would “result in a more relaxed and peaceful environment” for her and Verrett, 47.

The relationship, as well as some of Verrett’s more questionable claims, have come under intense scrutiny in Norway, especially after the couple got engaged in June.

According to his website, Verrett describes himself as a a sixth generation shaman who is dedicated to “serving global spiritual evolution” and “redefining what health means.” There, he offers a 30-day program to “test shamanic knowledge,” along with other Shamanic School courses and virtual “Wokeshops.”

He also hosts a podcast and sells items such as the “spirit optimizer,” a small $222 medallion that Verrett says is “infused with frequencies and energies that connect to the spiritual world and the physical world.” a one-hour virtual private session It costs $1500 with Verrett.

Some of his claims have been criticized in Norway, including his proposal cancer is a choice. He also said that having too many sexual partners leaves traces in you that need to be cleaned up. Critics called him “deceitful manand conspiracy theorist.

“I know that some of the things I have said and done have been considered controversial in Norway, some have even argued that it has become a problem for the monarchy,” Veret said in a video message on Tuesday. “This was never my intention.”

But, he added, it was important that he “have the right to autonomy, to decide what I believe and to speak about it.”

The Royal Household said in a statement that “the situation we as a family have found ourselves in recently … has created issues that are complex.” They said it was important to balance maintaining a trusting relationship with the Norwegian people while ensuring the well-being of their families.

Both Verrett, Martha and the royal family have stressed that the couple still believe in traditional medicine.

“I’m a supporter of medical school and always have been because I’ve seen several instances in my life where medical school has saved me,” Verrett said. Alternative medicine, he said, should come “instead of.” , but in addition” healthcare system.

Marta said that she was “impressed by all the knowledgeable people who work in hospitals, doctors’ offices and educational institutions in Norway”. But, he added, he also believes there are components of physical and mental health that are “not summed up[ed] in the research report”. He listed spirituality, yoga, acupuncture and meditation as examples.

He said he wants to continue “building bridges” between traditional and alternative forms of medicine.

On Tuesday, the Royal House also condemned what it said was “the racist attitude that Durek Veret had to deal with”, adding that they “strongly believe that the Royal House reflects Norway’s ethnic diversity”.

When Verrett and Martha marry, he will join the royal family, but without an official title or position, according to tradition, the royals said. The king, however, decided that the princess could keep her title, although she would refrain from using it in connection with her business activities.

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