Race with destiny

Race with destiny

When all of life hangs in the balance, we are suddenly faced with a truth we hardly ever consider. It all boils down to this, the culmination of it all.

Whether it’s the birth of our babies, the moment we learn tragic news, or start the race of our lives with only the finish line in sight and on our mind, that’s when life has changed and we retreat into ourselves , prepared only for execution.


Strengthening the gate,
Reversing the style,
Nor delay,
Forward the dial.

May focused attention never wane,
The view is currently reserved for driving,
In the end we’ll know our fate with bated breath,
The moment cooperates and will not deprive.

Fears dying capacities activated,
Reserves discovered just in time,
Our country is hardly disheveled,
We do implementation down the line.

across the border
Fires the round,
Time slows down to order,
And adrenaline has been found.

Speeding up this track,
Ears pressed back,
This is our one day
Our destiny.


It may be a racing metaphor we’re considering here, but it has as much relevance to our daily lives as any image. We’re all in a race called “life,” and even though it’s not run at breakneck speed like a hundred-meter sprint, there are so many performance parallels that it catches our attention.

The moment of determination

Performance in the “race of life” is perhaps best illustrated in the moment of our decisions; are we prepared for whatever the consequences of our decisions are.

Our decisions alone will play a role in shaping our immediate and even long-term destinies. And even if those decisions are just to join the moments themselves as we roll with those punches.

Execution after determination is as much about reaping the wisdom the moment calls for as anything else; most times it is about the inactivity of faith as a thing, a faith that remains prudent in discretion – the nobility of reserve.

2010 SJ Wickham.

The article was inspired by that of Whitney Houston A moment in time a song she sang at the Grammys years ago.

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