Recruiting staff for your beauty pageant business

Recruiting staff for your beauty pageant business

Running a pageant is definitely not a one-man show. It requires teamwork.

Choosing staff for your pageant staff doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need a large number. Here is my recommendation for staff positions:

Judges – choose people from different professions and industries to get variety. You can also use people you work with and respect. The reigning queens love participating because it keeps them engaged and motivated with the pageant community. You should also approach your banker, hairdresser and florist.
– It’s you!

Use three judges for the children’s contests and five for the teen and older divisions. You can also assign the award Side Judge title to one of your supporters. The task of the side award judge is to distribute the additional awards and create a balance between the competitors.
Pageant Liaison
Promotions Manager
Stage manager
Designer Editor
Host – You will need to provide the host or host with the contest script.

These are the key positions you need to run a contest. You can also create other positions as you see fit. In some cases, the same person will do multiple jobs. Spouses can show support by taking one or more positions. Remember that a good leader is also a good listener, so choose people whose opinions and skills you value:

– is the lead person who makes most of the announcements and sets the tone and flow of the show. They should be good at public speaking and have a pleasant voice. This role could be played by you, a beauty queen or a local celebrity.
– designed and created the program book.
– is in charge of setting the stage and usually supervises two assistants.
– a friendly, sociable player who collects funds and receives rewards. They will also be handing out entry forms at local schools, beauty salons and even daycare centers.
– this person takes the judges score sheets from each judge at the end of each round and gives them to the auditor. Cast former queens whenever possible as a way to keep them involved in show business.
– someone good with numbers who understands show charts.

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