Revival of old school music that excites you

Revival of old school music that excites you

After several decades of disappearance, more than thirty years; thirty-six to be exact, there is a resurgence of old school music that excites you. Back in the late spring of May, the latter part of that month in 1983, there was a band from Dayton, Ohio called “New Horizons” who hit the top 40 on the Billboard R&B charts with a single called “Your Thing” Is Your Thing ‘, produced by Roger Troutman from the album ‘Something New’ Well, that was the end of that, followed by another single titled ‘Searching For That Lady’, taken from the band’s second album ‘Gonna Have Big Fun’ in 1984; you can’t really say one-hit wonder any more than you can one-miss wonder.

What happened to Thomas Brothers, professionally known as New Horizons? The band disbanded in late 1986 and split up to pursue other professional interests. Lead singer Mark Thomas had the pleasure of touring the country and the world with Zapp and the late Roger Troutman on drums and singing vocals in the late 1980s, and his younger brother Bart followed suit and continues to tour with Zapp to this day .

Marc also produced two solo projects just missing pka The Marc Anthonee Project in the summer of 1996, and in June 2018 he released a CD titled Getta Know Ya by MA. None of these projects charted at all. Well, you might ask about the other members of New Horizons; guitarist and lead singer Tim Abrams pursued other career choices and played with other bands, while band founder Art Thomas Jr. has completely stepped out of the spotlight and is now an ordained minister sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Which brings us to little brother Varges, Varges is the youngest of his siblings and plays keyboards, bass, talk-box, Melotica, percussion, lead and background vocals. He is also a producer, arranger, composer and artist. He has his first single “Give It To Ya” taken from his first upcoming CD titled Destiny; which is heard on the music apps IheartRadio, Spotify, Pandora and to name a few across the country and the world. The CD is comprised of old school, R&B, smooth jazz, southern soul, steppin, funk and inspirational music showcasing his many facets. The sound appeals to young and average listeners who enjoy a nice groove with a soulful touch of rhythms.

You ask how I know so much about the history of New Horizons and Varges Thomas; this is because I am the unknown third brother of Thomas, the author of this article.

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