Rich Text Format – Easy to use format

Rich Text Format – Easy to use format

What do you mean by Rich Text Format?

Introduced by Microsoft in 1987, Rich Text Format refers to a file format used for document exchange. Rich Text Format can be read and written by most word processors. The main purpose is the exchange of text files between different word processing programs on different types of operating systems. It is an extremely portable computer application as the user can access this file format on any type of computer system. Rich Text Format is an application that allows the user to edit the content of the document. It is also relatively virus-proof in a document.

What are the applications of Rich Text Format?

This file format has various advantages and applications that make the computer user’s task easy and smooth. It is a handy computer application in any word processing computer program. RTF encodes various document types and text formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc. They also encode various structures such as fonts and bold characters. This format can be used to send data via emails. You can access this format in all kinds of operating systems. Even database applications can read RTF files.

The user can access this format on any type of computer system with any type of configuration. One can widely use the format for drafting documents such as resumes, letters, manuals, and other informational documents. This file format supports different fonts, margins, preset styles and other such features. It also supports italic, bold and underline fonts and text in documents. However, the file format does not support a macro function. For this reason, this format is protected from viruses. It has less chance of being infected by a computer virus. This format does not spread a computer virus when transmitted from one system to another via email. Saving and sending data in RTF gives the recipient a guarantee of the security of the file format. Even you can use word to pdf converter for the same purpose. A PC user can simply save any file in Rich Text Format by selecting that format in the file menu.

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