Same Look Different Like Me Movie Review.

Same Look Different Like Me Movie Review.

I read the book Same Kind of Different as Me and watched a few videos online before watching the movie. The film focuses on how Ron, Deborah and Denver meet on a mission in Texas. The story began with a dream Deborah had about befriending a certain homeless man. In the process of rebuilding a damaged marriage, they began volunteering at a local rescue mission.

As the friendship develops, all three lives change. The key point in helping the homeless is to invest in long-term life. Denver explained it with a fishing phrase. He said he didn’t want a catch and release friendship. The film ends with Deborah’s funeral and the dedication of a new mission chapel in her memory.

The book went much deeper into the life story and experiences of each of them over a decade. I was glad I read it first. If I didn’t read it, it would just be a great movie. The book poured out their souls.

I have a young woman in my life that I can relate to like this movie. We can definitely see God’s hand in our lives over time. Decades later, we begin to see the fruits of seeds planted.

The Mission is a great gathering place. I volunteered for four years in a mission and it was a great experience. I mean though, even though this was a great story, please keep safety as the first priority, especially when children are involved.

Even if you don’t have money to donate, just your time and friendship can do great things. I had great conversations with guys I hung out with in Maryland. I told them they didn’t have to fake anything and that I was proud of them for completing the program. They told me when they first got there that they were going to leave, but when they saw me come after work to volunteer in my free time, it inspired them to stay because they saw that I really cared.

If you want to see change in the world, get involved. Nothing changes if you just stay with yourself. We all need someone, even when we don’t know it. God can do great things if we listen to the promptings he sends us. I have witnessed this in my life. He can do it for you. You can find your way home with a little help.

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