Say NO to smoking

Say NO to smoking

Is there any adventure or fun in smoking? Absolutely not! Don’t be fooled by the amusingly packaged advertisements of cigarette companies. There is no ‘taste’, ‘fun’ and ‘adventure’ in smoking cigarettes. These are just the slogans of the cigarette companies who multiply their profits at the cost of precious human lives.

Greedy multi-national multi-billion dollar cigarette manufacturers kill people quietly without anyone noticing. According to the WHO report, every 6.5 seconds a person in the world dies prematurely due to cancer, heart attack, respiratory or other diseases related to smoking. Without a doubt, tobacco is the fourth most common risk factor for disease worldwide.

If you are a smoker, think seriously for a moment and decide if you are mentally okay. I highly doubt it because you are spending money to buy an item that not only risks your life by inadvertently inviting a host of diseases to attack your body, but also risks the lives of other people who are forced to inhale secondhand smoke, which is more dangerous from smoking. If you smoke in your home, you also risk the lives of your spouse and children. Is it wise to continue smoking?

Say no to smoking if you want to live a normal healthy life without disease. Why not make a bold decision NOW and quit smoking right away! Are you ready to do it?

Tobacco use will kill nearly 10 million people each year, mostly in their productive middle age. It is estimated that 75% of these deaths will occur in developing countries mainly due to the large number of smokers and the lack of available medical facilities there.

Due to lack of knowledge and education, the number of smokers in developing countries and poor households is increasing at an alarming rate. The warning written on cigarette packs is mostly ignored by illiterate smokers. It is sad that the average amount spent by poor households on tobacco is almost the same as the amount spent on education. A recent study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil proved that the more educated people are, the less they smoke.

Your health is your best asset. Protect your life from painful diseases related to tobacco. Live a healthy and happy life and just say no to smoking.


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