Senior portraits at Crystal Cove State Park

Senior portraits at Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is a unique location in Orange County for a professional photographer to capture senior portraits. Information such as directions to the park, where to park, what services to use, the cost to shoot at the park, and locations for great images will help the prom photographer and client create lasting memories at Crystal Cove. This article offers some practical information on how to achieve a successful photography session in the park.

Directions to Crystal Cove

It is the photographer’s responsibility to provide clear directions to the park. It’s a small detail, but if it’s forgotten, it can cause huge frustration if the customer has trouble finding the park and the right place to park their car while in the park.

Luckily, getting to the park is pretty easy. Get on Pacific Coast High if you’re coming from the north or south. The park is located between Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar. The actual address is as follows:

Crystal Bay

8471 North Coast Highway

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

A senior photographer should give this information to their clients as early as possible. There are many seniors who come from out of state and want their portraits taken on the beach while on vacation. This information will help them plan their vacation better.

Crystal Cove Parking Lot

Your customer should be aware that there is a small charge for parking at Crystal Cove. Although not much, it can cause problems if the customer forgets to bring cash. As a photographer, bring a little extra in case they forget.

Photography fee

As you know, there is a budget crisis in the state of California. Therefore, there is a fee that must be paid before entering the park. Don’t try to get around this by just showing up and shooting. It’s just not professional, and your client will see it as such when a park official asks to see your permit. As of this writing, the fee to shoot an adult session at Crystal Cove is $60. The amount of this fee is subject to change.

Great places to photograph seniors

Crystal Cove has a number of excellent locations for senior portraits. Here are three of the most popular backgrounds:

1. On the path going down to the beach from the parking lot there is a path with a variety of vegetation. By all accounts, one may be on his way to the Midwest. The beach is nowhere to be seen. This helps provide a variety of backgrounds for the portfolio of images you present to your client.

2. Just before entering the beach, you pass old blue and red wooden structures. This provides a background that is very rustic, which will appeal to many of your customers.

3. There is a small restaurant that has a small picnic table on the side and a sign that says “Crystal Cove” on top. It’s a favorite spot for out-of-town seniors to pretend they were in California, a fun spot on the beach when they had their portraits taken.


Great senior portraits can be found at Crystal Cove. Orange County senior photographers provide it as an option for their client sessions.

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