Sex Tips: Temperature Game Methods

Sex Tips: Temperature Game Methods

Looking for sex tips to spice things up? There are many ways to do this, but one that many couples are unfamiliar with is incorporating hot and cold play into the bedroom. The change in temperature can wake up the nerve endings and circulatory system in ways that give both partners mind-blowing pleasure. The following examples, along with safety tips for maintaining vaginal and penile health, can help couples navigate this exciting new world of sensual play.

Glass of water

Keeping a glass of warm (not hot!) water near the bed can increase the pleasure of oral sex. The partner can take a sip, swallow, then take another sip and hold the warm water in their mouth, then take the man’s penis inside. Rinsing the water around his penis for a few minutes and then swallowing it will give him a tempting experience.

Breath play

Warm, moist breath is one of the most pleasant sources of heat for the body, and using this natural heat during foreplay and sex can bring both partners exciting waves of pleasure. Gently exhale on the lover’s sensitive areas, including the stomach, neck and ears. Gentle breathing of the clitoris and testicles is also encouraged.

Candle wax

Most people have heard of hot candle wax dripping onto the skin as part of sex play, and many find it frightening. For good reason—most people don’t want to actually burn their skin. The trick to playing the wax game safely is to use candles made from soy, which don’t require as much heat to melt as those made from beeswax or regular wax, so they’re less likely to give off too much heat. Also, of course, if you have very sensitive skin regarding heat, this method should be avoided.

Chilled spoon

Chill a metal spoon briefly in a bowl of ice or cold water, then apply the back of the spoon to your neck, nipples, stomach, etc.

Plain old ice

An ice cube in hand can go a long way. Trace a line extending from one side of the lover’s neck all the way down the side of the leg, them up the inside of the leg, down the other’s inside, and back down the other side of their body. It is best to avoid the penis and testicles.

Ice dildo/hot towel

This is one of the most hardcore forms of temperature play that should be pursued with caution. The idea is for the man to masturbate with a warm, wet towel around his cock, while the woman masturbates with a chilled vibrator. He then enters her and the change in sensation for both of them is out of this world.

There are several options for a chilled vibrator. Some glass and metal vibrators are made for cooling, but care should be taken. Glass that is very cold and then undergoes a sudden temperature change, such as inside the body, can break – oops! And cold metal can stick to the lady’s warm, wet insides – not good either. Use appropriate precautions. Allow the glass or metal to warm up a little; use lubricant; use condoms; always, always follow the instructions on the package.

Eye patch

Any of the above techniques can be combined with each other and all of them can be more enjoyable with blindfolds on. This will make the lover wait, impatient and unsuspecting of what sensation lies ahead. Deprivation of sight can be most exciting when lovers combine a form of heat play such as candle wax with a form of cold play such as ice cubes or a cold spoon.

Maintaining safety

Always check to make sure the skin is not burned or losing sensation due to excessive cold or heat. Do not freeze or heat toys that are not designed to withstand such temperatures. Get into the temperature game to find out what your skin can handle.

Maintaining genital skin health cannot be overstated; one’s ability to feel pleasure depends on it. Men can go the extra mile in the penile care department by using quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. Shea butter and vitamin E keep the skin hydrated, protecting it from the chafing of a vigorous sex life. Show your sex life some excitement with temperature play and your manhood some love with a penis health cream.

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