Sexual attraction through eye contact – read the fire and passion in her eyes

Sexual attraction through eye contact – read the fire and passion in her eyes

When she can’t seem to take her eyes off you, when she keeps sending flirtatious signals and you yourself can’t hold back due to sexual tension — then by all means — make your move before it’s too late! Blame it on your raging hormones. Maybe it’s just your imagination that she’s into you or something, but did you know that there are actually techniques you can use to make sure if she’s that hot for you or not—and it’s all in the eyes. Below are the four signals of sexual attraction through eye contact — read the fire and passion in her eyes now!

  • Maintaining the gaze. Maintaining eye contact is already a sure sign that she is flirting with you—there is no doubt—this constant and sustained eye contact is charged with emotion, tension—and definitely sexual attraction. Stare back and alternately looking at the lips — that’s what we call intense flirting!
  • Intense eyes. You can do a lot of tricks with your eyes if you want to let someone know you’re checking them out—one effective way is to give them an intense look. It’s a very intense kind of sexual eye contact that can send chills up and down your spine—the hard gaze holds no strings attached to let you know that this guy is genuinely willing to initiate some action. And he or she definitely wants it in bed.
  • Fleeting glances. Do you think she is getting quite shy? Better think again. Glimpses are more than mere glimpses. This type of eye contact is irritating and mischievous—like you’re being asked for a challenge, whether you’re up for it or not. A great way to build great sexual tension and arousal. Being playful is always sexy. It keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. But rest assured that everything will be fine.
  • He looks you up and down. Feeling a little bold and naughty? The “looking at you up and down” technique will work for you! This might be the most powerful kind of sexual eye contact—the person doing this is clearly checking you out as a potential bed partner and has absolutely no problem letting it be known. There’s not a trace of shyness or reserve in this one—he’s an extremely flirtatious type, and combine that with a slow lick of your lips, it could send both of you fleeing to the nearest private room.

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