Shanghai Disney is temporarily closing visitors for coronavirus testing

Shanghai Disney is temporarily closing visitors for coronavirus testing

Shanghai Disney is temporarily closing visitors for coronavirus testing


Shanghai The Disney Resort closed abruptly on Monday “to comply with epidemic prevention and control requirements,” the entertainment company said said on his website.

according to the messages received from Reuters: and: CNN:The Shanghai government said on social media that the theme park complex was not allowing people to leave until they were tested and received a negative result. Photos obtained by Reuters show lines of masked visitors waiting to be tested by workers in protective suits.

A Disney spokesperson told The Washington Post that all guests left the park after an “expedited” testing process because all the results came back negative. The resort said guests will be notified when a confirmed reopening date is available.

It is unclear what caused the park to close. Disney said a follow-up was required coronavirus Prevention procedures set by Shanghai. According to the Associated Press, Shanghai reports 11 asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 after ordering mass testing on Friday.

China remains one of the few still severely restricts activity To combat the coronavirus through its “zero covid” policy, which calls for sudden local lockdowns and mass testing when cases are detected. Many Chinese citizens have tired blockades and protests broke out in Shanghai

Some China watchers had expected Chinese President Xi Jinping to ease some restrictions after being elected to his third term as general secretary at the Communist Party congress earlier this month, but lockdowns have continued across the country. The workers in the last days ran away from the factory in northern China, which makes many of the world’s iPhones, after it began quarantining some employees because of the outbreak.

Shanghai Disney already has strict rules for entry. capacity is controlled, visitors must show proof of a negative test within 72 hours and present the green health QR code. Guests who have traveled abroad or to high or medium risk areas cannot enter the resort. A temperature check is conducted at the entrance and masks are required inside and outside unless people are eating.

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The reported blocking was eerily similar one that happened exactly one year ago, destination, which includes a theme park, two hotels, a nature park and a shopping district. Halloween partygoers saw the gates closed and workers wearing protective suits gathered at the resort. No one was allowed to leave until they were checked out.

In the case of 2021 Chinese media reports, the test of the woman who visited the park was positive. The Washington Post reports More than 30,000 people who visited Shanghai Disneyland last year were tested and all negative.

Shanghai Disneyland was the first Disney theme park to close in January 2020 due to the coronavirus. reopened with severe capacity restrictions in May 2020.

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