Should you choose your own lottery numbers or buy a quick pick ticket?

Should you choose your own lottery numbers or buy a quick pick ticket?

Do people win the lottery more often when they pick their own numbers? Or is a random quick pick ticket the same?

Quick Pick tickets are certainly a popular and convenient way to play the lottery. But surely your odds should be better if you pick the numbers carefully yourself. are not they

Some definitely believe that picking lottery numbers is an art. While others would swear that using numbers that came to them in a dream or some other esoteric way would obviously be profitable.

It’s certainly true that using your “picked numbers,” however they’re picked, gives some sense of control over the lottery. And it will definitely give you the comforting feeling that you were right if your “system” wins even a smaller prize. But the real picture requires a step back to see events more clearly.

States and countries around the world spend a lot of money on their lottery machines and staff. They go a long way to ensure that the draw is fair for all players. And that means they make every effort to ensure that the draw is random.

But in addition to this effort, also consider that the numbers we pick are actually just markings on a ball (for most lotteries).

Will the number 7 ball be drawn more often because many people consider 7 to be a lucky number? No. Because it’s actually the little balls that come out of the drawing machine, not numbers. The numbers themselves will have no effect on the outcome of the draw.

The fact is that a quick pick ticket actually has exactly the same chance of winning as a ticket made up of carefully selected lucky numbers. Just like a ticket created by a “smart” computer program. Or a ticket created in another way.

It might not be as much fun, but if you’re in a hurry, picking quickly won’t hurt your chances of winning the lottery.

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