Signs you should start investing in a remote worker

Signs you should start investing in a remote worker

Your business is growing fast. You’ve hit milestones and it crosses your mind to consider hiring a remote worker to help you run things. In fact, there are telltale signs that you need an extra pair of hands to work for you, but you’re just not sure if a remote worker is a good investment.

As a business owner or manager, you know your business better than anyone else and you are the only person who knows what you need. The very fact that you’re reading this article means there’s a good chance that by the end of it, you’ll be ready to hire your first remote job, or perhaps add more people to your team of amazing online workers.

But first, you should check if there are already a few signs in your company to help you decide. These signs are not set in stone and can vary from company to company. However, know that a remote worker is truly someone who can add value to your business, no matter how small or large you are.


Are deadlines not being met? Are there customer complaints piling up? Does the number of unfinished tasks exceed the number of tasks that need to be completed? If the answers are yes, you should consider hiring a remote worker now. According to research led by Cardiff University, the remote worker has a much higher work ethic compared to those physically in offices. This may be due to the fear of appearing lazy or the lack of distracting chatter across the desk. More than 1.2 million people in Australia are happier working from home, according to recent figures. This means more productivity because another study from the University of Kent found that happy employees are more productive than those who dread going to work every day.


Does it seem like there is no end to the emails, annoying phone calls, meeting after meeting, and exhausting meetings? As a business owner or manager, you need to take care of all of these things so that you can help your business thrive, but you see, these mundane tasks can take up so much of your energy and time that you lose your enthusiasm to doing other important things about your business or exhausting yourself to the limit so that you can get everything done. A telecommuter can help take that burden off your shoulders and make your life easier than it is right now. A remote employee can respond to all pending and incoming emails. They will let you know if anything important comes up. They can answer phone calls and schedule meetings while you take all the time you need to focus on more important things like expansion and growth.


A telecommuter will help you thrive, not just survive. Having an extra pair of hands can help your business grow in ways big and small. If you feel like you need someone you can rely on and someone who will treat your business like their own, you should consider hiring someone from a reputable remote staffing agency like us. Survival in the business industry is a phase that does not die, as long as you want to continue your venture, you need to think of ways to survive and thrive. A telecommuter can help you thrive in many ways.


Growing a business also means increasing the number of employees, and expanding office space can cost you more, so if you’re expanding, you should consider hiring a remote worker who can work around the world but still help your business to grow. A remote employee is a wise investment, as this person will do the same job as your local employee, while reducing the cost of salaries and office rent. It doesn’t matter where you are or where your employee is. The important thing is that you both understand each other’s need and will work hand in hand to make the business a success.

If you’re convinced you need a remote worker today, be sure to fill out our job specification form. This will take no more than five minutes, and when you’re done, expect a call back from us so we can discuss what you need for your business.

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