Some things ARE REAL

Some things ARE REAL

In this day and age with all the scams, lies, scammers and outright theft being advertised online; it’s hard to start a real business. We are so used to being let down that it is almost impossible to believe anyone about anything on the internet. Most of the time we ignore about 98% of what we are told.

At least I do.

It was, if you were, like a child; I wanted to make some money, you can sell lemonade or mow lawns. I remember selling pencils once. It did pretty well too. I had brand new, unused pencils and sold them for a penny apiece.

Now, unfortunately, if I told you, I’d give you a pencil at any price… you’d run screaming in the other direction. And all because some very unscrupulous people live on the internet with the sole purpose of getting you to send them money.

Times have definitely changed. This makes things a little more difficult.

Let me tell you about a startup that I’ve learned a lot about over the past few months. They don’t sell anything. Instead, they offer ways you can lower your monthly expenses. It’s a simple enough concept. Cut your expenses and you’ll have more money left over to do things like pay bills or add to your savings.

You can join as a charter member or as a FANN (free member).

Either way, you can use their free concierge service to cut some of your costs. All you have to do is fill out a short form and let the Concierge people try to find you better deals on mortgages, phones, cars, etc.

I have used this service and it works. I recommend the free membership.

In the next few weeks they will start offering a free debit card linked to a free bank account. Don’t worry, this bank is a regular FDIC bank with all the features you have at your current bank. Loans, checking and savings accounts. etc…

Now (here comes the genius idea)… when we use this new debit card, we will be able to split the fees the same way the banks do!!!

Imagine you have a small team of people… say 100. You told them about this debit card. They start swiping it every day, multiple times for buying fuel, food, shopping, going to the movies and… you get paid for every swipe!


What if you have 1,000 people in your downline, all swiping and getting paid multiple times a day…over and over again?

That’s what it’s all about! It’s real. Just imagine the possibilities. Worth seeing, don’t you think.


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