Songs that have the word Middle anywhere in their titles

Songs that have the word Middle anywhere in their titles

Songs that have the word Middle anywhere in their titles

Five and a half months ago, without thinking about next spring, I put my mower in the shed. Apparently I must have put a lot of extra stuff in it after that because I had to spend almost an entire afternoon removing stuff just to get the mower out.

As I labored, I made the decision to never store the mower in the middle of the shed again. In the process of mowing the lawn, my mind began to consider songs that have the word Middle in their titles.

Here is a list of fifteen of those tunes.

Mad Middle Ages by Jerry Lee Lewis

It’s not as famous as “Great Balls of Fire,” but no collection of the rockabilly legend’s hits would be complete without this classic.

Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealer’s Wheel

Gerry Rafferty enjoyed more success as a solo artist, but this enduring hit gave us our first glimpse of his talent.

River of Dreams (In the Middle of the Night) by Billy Joel

This title track served as proof that Piano Man had returned to rock after his brief foray into fifties and early sixties stuff that he made in An innocent man.

Piggy in the Middle by the Rutles

Parodying the Fab Four in the mid-’70s, these comedians ended up making a catchy album of Beatlesque songs like this “I Am the Walrus” lookalike.

Middle Man by Jack Johnson

The surfer-turned-songwriter featured this track on his debut album, Tales of a forest fire.

Man In The Middle by ABBA

This single didn’t get its due, being stuck in the middle of chart toppers like “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo”.

Middle of the road from the contenders

Chrissy Hynde and her rock outfit are still radiating from this single.

In the middle of a dream by Muse

Arcana was the early album that spawned this tune, which showcases the band’s grunge influence.

Middle America by Will Hodge

A memorable video accompanied the release of this title track from roots rock’s ninth record.

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

This simple title is located at American blood 2001 album

Midsummer by Panic At the Disco

The best time of the year is the focus of this song from Brendan Urie’s rock band Beautiful. Strange. album.

In the middle of your heart by Melanie

After singing about rollers and a new key, the folk singer scored again with this ballad.

In the Middle of Nowhere by Dusty Springfield

She’s come a lot further than that title suggests, having sung on other great hits like “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me.”

In the middle of the night by Cooks

These English alternative rockers have been making great songs like this for almost two decades.

Middle School Dance by Foxygen

Few artists have taken on this huge event in the lives of tweens, and none have done it more creatively than this indie band.

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