Stormi Daniels sets the record straight on Trump, plastic surgery and misinformation

Stormi Daniels sets the record straight on Trump, plastic surgery and misinformation

Stormi Daniels sets the record straight on Trump, plastic surgery and misinformation

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Stormi Daniels has become notorious her alleged affair with Donald Trump in 2006but now the mother of one is reinventing her life in the most “Hurricane Daniels” way possible, on reality TV.

“Despite all the hate I get online, at the height of it, thousands of messages a day that were horrible, which would be in the millions when we think about it, none of those people ever said anything to my face,” Daniels said. The 43-year-old woman tells Yahoo Life about the unfair treatment she experienced After Trump’s sex scandal. “We all know Twitter is my favorite sport and I’m pretty good at it.”

Daniels stars in the new VH1 reboot surreal life Following a group of celebrities as they try to cope with two weeks of living together in a Hollywood mansion. For him, the series was an opportunity to show America the real person behind the disastrous headlines.

“When the scandal broke and all this happened, I literally turned into a ‘porn star’ or a ‘prostitute,’ which wasn’t even accurate,” he says, “and that I had to deal with this and I came. out [with my story] because I was broken or desperate or washed up.”

“There’s just so much that people didn’t know,” he explains of his pre-scandal career, which includes stand-up comedy, writing and directing. He even showed up Two Seth Rogen movies.

While Daniels admits that some of the online hate still gets to her, she has found ways to deal with it. “Whenever I’m really sad, I just look at my members on OnlyFans or my websites or my bank accounts,” she says. “Tell me what you want, but you won’t tell me what you want.”

Stormi Daniels sets the record straight on Trump, plastic surgery and misinformation

Stormi Daniels may be controversial, but Surreal life the star embraces all labels with a smile on her face. (Photo: Getty, design by Quinn Lemmers)

Indeed, Daniels knows a thing or two about persistence. In recent months, she’s used her platforms to talk about issues affecting women, especially when it comes to aging, gender, or both.

“It’s really funny when people say you’re old. Thanks, Captain Obvious,” he jokes. “With TikTok and Instagram filters, we’ve kind of gone down this path of unattainable standards. I have to tell you, I think it comes back the other way. [with] very body positive [messages] and such over the past few years. I’m glad to see that.”

However, there are differences between what works personally and professionally when it comes to intimacy.

“When you’re having sex on camera, it’s about what feels good. “When I’m working, I worry about sucking in and covering up the greasy roller and showing my fingers and my hair looking weird. At home, it’s just like that. “Ah, turn off the lights, let’s take it down. towel honey. Let’s do this.”

Daniels makes it clear that she supports any woman’s right to get plastic surgery to feel good about herself.

“I’m all for plastic surgery or maintenance. I’m a supporter too, if you don’t want it,” he says. “At the end of the day, we’re all going to die alone.” , so do what you want.”

She called her breast implants “Thunder” and “Lightening,” sharing that “my breasts are bigger than some guys I’ve actually dated.”

“I’ve had thunder and lightning since July ’99. The same. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up one morning with a t** like, it’s just going to go away. But I haven’t had any problems,” he says.

Naturally, Daniels has some pretty solid advice for keeping the spice alive in a relationship.

“Men are creatures of habit, and that’s where they go wrong,” he explains. “Men say a lot. “I want to fix, I want to find out” and when they find out what happens. “I have a plan. I know what to do.” Yes, that was the plan yesterday, but it’s not working for me today… Men forget that women cycle, so the amount of pressure or touch or whatever feels good today. [fluctuates]. Our bodies, as you know, change.”

There’s no doubt Daniels knows she’s great TV. Other than that, she says all she wants is to live a real life. And as someone who has lived through the political and media storm, that’s not too much to ask.

“I make no apologies for telling the truth and being brutally honest,” she says.

— The video was produced by Olivia Schneider and edited by Raciel Guevara.

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