The 30 Day Challenge to Use Affirmations and Visualization for Luck

The 30 Day Challenge to Use Affirmations and Visualization for Luck

There has been a lot of buzz and media coverage about the Law of Attraction in recent years, especially since the release of the movie, The secret. There seems to be a lot of emotion surrounding this topic, both for and against. This is no surprise given that we have changed as a society to have much less patience and a shortened attention span. I will delve into all of this in a future article.

Law of Attraction tools work and work well. Most of the misunderstandings about these tools are because people don’t really take the time to give them a spin.

Here is the 30 day challenge if you decide to take it

Take 30 days to use affirmations and visualization to improve your luck. It won’t make you win the lottery, but it should manifest as more luck in the smaller things in life. After 30 days, review how your luck has changed for the better.

When you do this and it works for you, keep doing it and start using some of the other tools available to dramatically improve your life.

Affirmations for good luck

You can use an affirmation like “I’m always very lucky” or whatever works best for you. Keep it short and easy to remember and repeat. It should be in the present tense, in the “now”. Repeat this affirmation first thing in the morning, even before you get out of bed, when you bathe or shower, drive until you fall asleep, and any time your mind is not focused on a specific task.

Pay attention to what is happening around you. Do you start going through green lights, finding better parking spots? Look for little things like these. Whenever you notice a stroke of luck, say something like “Wow! I am truly most fortunate” to reinforce the event both in your own mind and in the universal energy.

Visualization for luck

Visualization is a technique where you “see” something happening in your mind’s eye. With practice it gets easier and the things you visualize become clearer and more detailed. It is somewhat like dreaming, but done deliberately and directed by you. To visualize, close your eyes and begin to imagine experiencing lucky events (Please do not use this while driving or operating heavy equipment). As with the traffic light example above, you’ll see yourself easily reaching your destination in light traffic and every single traffic light turning green. Another fun one is to see yourself finding a dime or quarter on the ground as you walk. Be creative in your imagination!


Do your affirmations and visualization exercises for 30 days and be observant throughout the process. If you like, take notes and review them at the end of the 30 days. Think about how your luck was before and the differences you noticed. Good luck!

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