The Best Amplifier – Pioneer Premier Series – PRS-A900 Review

The Best Amplifier – Pioneer Premier Series – PRS-A900 Review

Pioneer has produced one of the best product lines in the car audio industry with their Premier Series amplifiers. Back in 2005, Pioneer made great progress with the Premier series in amplifier technology, characterized by their great power and efficiency. By the end of 2007, the Premier PRS series could easily be considered a world-class amplifier, featuring a sleek and compact design along with Pioneer’s unique new pure sound generation technology.

2007 PRS Series Review

The latest (2007 and newer) PRS series amplifiers offer a variety of solutions for your car audio needs. They offer you monoblock amplifiers, 2-channel amplifiers and 4-channel amplifiers, giving you no less than 1200 watts maximum for each one. In addition, their external design is much more attractive than the average amplifier on the market. To me this is another great plus to the PRS series amps because you can’t help but think it would look good in my car instead of trying to find a way to hide it.

PRS digital amplifiers showcase Pioneer’s new ICE Power technology. With it, it would be virtually impossible to hear any distortion, allowing it to produce a much cleaner sound than any other amp on the market. This is not all! You’ll find that the amp will also produce accurate bass with incredibly clear mid-range and high-range sounds. You won’t even have to worry about the amp sucking power from your car because these amps are incredibly efficient, which would also reduce the heat produced by the amp and allow it to direct more power to your sound system.

The new 2008 PRS-A900

If you think that all sounds good, wait until you hear about the new PRS-A900 launched in January! Audiophiles around the world have been waiting for the release of this new 4-channel PRS series amplifier, and for good reason.

This is the first of its kind and you can be sure there will be many more to come. It includes everything from the previous year: digital amplification, great exterior design, ultra-low distortion and incredible efficiency. But Pioneer didn’t just copy its 2007 models, it also added some new features.

Unlike all other amplifiers, the PRS-A900 showcases completely separate left and right channel power supplies, a filter-free design, and a construction that protects against external interference. The result of these features is a far improved production of sonic purity from the amplifier!

Perhaps one of the coolest unique features of the Pioneer PRS-A900 is an H-shaped design of the internal structure. It absorbs the vibrations created by driving your car. how? Imagine for a minute a wooden swing with two people, one on each side. Now, if one person jumps on his side, the other side will rise, or at least that other person will feel the impact. Now imagine that same swing is made of flexible Plexiglas (assuming it doesn’t shatter on impact); if one side jumps, the flexibility of the plexiglass will absorb most of the force and the other side is less likely to be catapulted as high as the wooden swing. The H-shaped internal construction works on this concept! The result is a greatly reduced distortion in the sound quality that the amplifier produces

Independently powered left and right channels further improve sound isolation, preventing any kind of additional interference and allowing for greater efficiency than two-channel or four-channel outputs. Think of it as two garden hoses for two different plants you’re watering – one hose for two plants will waste water and time.

If you’re not in favor of Pioneer, I suggest you do so now, because advancements in technology like the few I mentioned above put Pioneer’s PRS series amps far above the other competition heading into the mobile audio industry!

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