The customer is king, but is God?

The customer is king, but is God?

Many times we find innocent souls forced to beg on the streets or see homeless people turned away when they enter a restaurant in a prime location. We can also see in many businesses that they have hung signs that say “The customer is king” etc. The same restaurant that chases away a homeless person because he or she accidentally walks into it welcomes those with money in their pockets and provides them with a comfortable place to sit and eat, etc.,

What have we done to our natural environment? No other life form on Earth behaves with each other in this way, or perhaps we don’t know if they do. The very fact that the natural resources of our planet are not available to many people in general is alarming. It is very disturbing to see the use of the word “Customer” everywhere. So many amenities/payment options/credits etc. are provided by companies/banks etc., to the customers none of the status of being born on our planet as humans. A great Tamil saint once sang, “To be born human is the most honourable; the most terrible thing in the world is to be born poor, and still more terrible is poverty in youth.’

The other aspect of our lives is our work. Creativity in general is completely ignored. One may find that management personnel in organizations act in an arrogant manner, knowing very well how powerful they are in the organization. Management in organizations make biased decisions that benefit them, they benefit the knowledge workers or the people who make things happen.

The buzz words used everywhere unfortunately are politics/customer/business/money/capital etc instead of humanity/welfare of all etc,

Human creativity is the reason why we can ride in cars, airplanes, send messages that are instantly transmitted to each other electronically, etc., but unfortunately we see that the credit for developing these innovations goes to the founders of technology companies or the owners of the businesses that make those technologies. Owners and other management personnel are in most cases insensitive, do not take an active interest in knowing about the processes and methods or theory behind how such innovations work, or are not actively involved in the development of such innovations.

Everything is done by knowledge workers, but unfortunately we see them being fired in the workplace to give way to arrogance and politics that dominate humanity and creativity.

Whether it’s a case of refusing a homeless person from a restaurant or if the homeless person was born a homeless stray animal in which case he could eat food freely available on the planet or whether it’s a case of rewarding people with personal political and commercial interests instead of recognizing innovators or knowledge workers who help take human creativity to the next level, one thing is certain. We need to bring humanity back to the people, not to the clients and others with political interests….

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