The Day That Changes Your Life by Jim Rohn – Program Overview

The Day That Changes Your Life by Jim Rohn – Program Overview

The day that changes your life. “Remarkable success ideas that can change your life in an instant.”

In this six-disc, 12-lesson program, motivational master Jim Rohn shares with you the story of his life-changing day and shows you how to consciously create the conditions that make dramatic lasting personal transformation not only possible, but inevitable. Jim Den’s life-changing day involves an incident with a Girl Scout. This incident took him on a journey to heights of fame and fortune that few of us will ever achieve. Have you had that life changing day yet or are you still waiting?

Some people waste years and even their entire lives waiting for that magical moment that will change their life for the better. But those people whose lives do change in dramatic ways can almost always trace the change back to something much simpler than magic. One moment, one realization, one action, one step that set them on a completely different path – and ultimately led them to their dreams.

The good news is that once you understand the four emotional states that can change your life, you can generate them within yourself at will instead of waiting for external circumstances to activate them.

Let’s take a look at the 6 CDs of this great program. Each CD is split into two sessions, making a total of 12 sessions. Here are some details from the sessions:

Session One – “Today’s a New Day” – Jim shares with you the day that turned his life around and talks about life’s adventures – the little devil on one shoulder and the little angel on the other – both offering advice. What voice do you hear? He ends the session with a story about “making something out of nothing.”

Session Two – ‘The Essential Ingredients of Life Change’ – Jim talks about the emotions that can change your life and shares some philosophies to live by incorporating them; “Earnings are better than wages – wages make you a living, earnings can make you a fortune” and one of my favorites “Don’t ask for it to be easier, to be better.”

Session Three and Session Four – “How to Build a Life, Not Just a Livelihood” – Jim’s short list of the good life and words of wisdom, including “Be careful what and who you become in pursuit of what you want.”

Session Five – “The Professional vs. the Amateur; The Keys to Thriving in Hard Times’ – Jim shares his biggest setbacks and what he did to recover – and by showing the difference between professional and amateur responses to problems – shows how you can do it too.

Session Six – “Financial Strategies for a New Era” – Jim’s philosophical foundation for financial independence and his suggestions for achieving wealth along with giving and sharing. Things they don’t teach in school and good advice parents should pass on to their children.

Session Seven – “How to Protect Your Time” – Time management essentials to help you achieve your goals. How to avoid “being online but off the road”.

Session Eight – ‘Where the Real Wealth Lies’ – Identifying your core values, nurturing your ‘inner circle’ and the challenge of balancing work and family life and becoming a world-class parent and grandparent.

Session Nine – The Goal Setting Workshop – Great session. Jim actually takes you through a personal goal setting workshop from one of his weekend workshops.

Session Ten – “Success Can Be Simple” – Jim’s simple approach to life learned from “Things Mom Taught Me” and how he uses hard and fast solutions to simplify his life.

Session Eleven – The Magic of a Mentor – Although I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jim in person, through his books and programs he has been one of my mentors for many years and I can attest to the Magic of a Mentor , he discusses in this session. He goes on to show how you too can be a mentor and make a difference in the lives of others.

Session Twelve – “Leadership Skills for the 21st Century” – The skills of leadership wisdom presented with witty sayings such as “Don’t expect the pear to bear apples” and ending with the story of the frog and the scorpion (“that’s what scorpions do”).

In summary, if you are dissatisfied or unhappy with your life and would like to change it, The Day That Turns Your Life Around will give you the tools to make any change you want. And as Jim says, you’ll be amazed how quickly and easily it happens. I highly recommend this program. It can turn your life around!

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