The impending collapse of the US dollar

The impending collapse of the US dollar

The US dollar will almost certainly collapse. Today the USD is worth about 4 cents or less. It is beyond all logical reasoning how the government can think it can keep printing more and more dollars with no assets to back those dollars. For every dollar they print, it makes every other dollar in existence less valuable.

Although it is a widely known fact that of all the US “money” that exists, only about 3-10% of it actually exists in hard currency. The Federal Reserve Bank has some kind of electronic report to keep track of which financial institution has what “money”. All they do is transfer digits. All this money that does not exist in hard currency exists only on paper or in their electronic counting system. A Federal Reserve Note, also known as an FRN, is not money. FRN is a debt instrument. It is nothing more than a promise to pay. FRNs are issued by the Federal Reserve Bank, also known as the FRB.

While you are required to hold funds on deposit in your bank account before writing a check, this is not the case with FRBs. Your local bank is also required to hold funds on deposit with a bank above them, usually FRB. However, the FRB is NOT required to have funds on deposit at any bank above them. So the US dollar is nothing more than a promissory note aka FRN. FRNs are actually bad checks.

So why do you think you have to have funds on deposit in a bank above you, and your local bank has to have funds on deposit in a bank above them, but an FRB is NOT required NOR do they have funds on deposit in a bank above them. So USD is nothing more than a bad check. The cat is out of the bag and many banks and people in other parts of the world are now realizing that we are operating a fraudulent banking system.

According to the FRB’s own websites and research, the adjusted monetary base has MORE than doubled in the last 6 months. Please see the feds’ own research page for this: see what you will here, but I would point out the link to page 3 on this page to support the fact that by the feds own admission they have actually increased the money base by 100% in the last 6 months!

What does this mean? This means that if you had $1000 in the bank 6 months ago, it is worth half that today, not $500, because a dollar is NOT worth a dollar. In a short while everyone will realize that their US dollars they own have depreciated by another 50% in the last 6 months alone. Imagine what will happen in the next 11 months. The dollar as we know it will die. What next? First it was SDR, then it was Amero And now comes DEY. what is ahead hyperinflation followed by collapse. Exchange your USD for silver and you might walk away with enough money to feed your family. Keep holding those dollars and each day they will be worth less and less and soon they will only be good for a few things. Anyone have USD, I need to blow my nose, they are cheaper than tissues!

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