The Law of Attraction. Lessons from the movie Groundhog Day.

The Law of Attraction. Lessons from the movie Groundhog Day.

The 1993 film Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray is a fun film with many lessons for the enlightened seeker. The first few minutes show the character and personality of egotistical weatherman Phil Connors before his transformation.

The opening scenes allow Murray’s character to begin teaching the first Law of Attraction lesson the film has to offer. Murray’s character has been assigned to cover the Groundhog Day festivities for the fourth year in a row, and he clearly hates it. He doesn’t want to go. He talks about how stupid the event is and expresses his desire to end it as quickly as possible and return home.

The plot shows Murray’s character reliving Groundhog Day over and over again. The first lesson is “What you resist persists.” For Murray’s character, Groundhog Day does continue throughout the rest of the film as he keeps reliving the same day.

The weatherman is going through what some seekers might call the long night of the soul. The pain is so great that he tries to kill himself several times, but he keeps waking up the next morning and it’s Groundhog Day again. Just as for many who go through this phase on the path to enlightenment, nothing seems to help.

As he relives the same day over and over again, Murray’s character always knows what’s about to happen. He knows when the highway will be closed, when a tray of food will be dropped, and even when a boy will slip and fall from a tree. This is how many people live their lives. They just go through the motions as they go to the same job every day. Events tend to lose their uniqueness.

For many of us, life is too fast. We are so busy surviving, making ends meet, and taking care of our loved ones that we fail to look inside ourselves. For the forecaster, life has slowed down to the point where he can determine exactly what he wants out of life.

Over the course of the film, Murray’s character transforms from a selfish, self-centered fool to someone who truly cares about others. He realizes that his colleague Rita has been this kind of person all along. The forecaster embarks on a journey of self-improvement to become Rita’s perfect man. Eventually, Murray’s character realizes that everyone needs help and spends his day helping them.

During the evening of his last day on Groundhog, Murray’s character hugs Rita and says, “No matter what happens tomorrow or the rest of my life, I’m happy now because I love you.” With these words, the forecaster has set the law in motion for attraction.

He had decided what he wanted and took all the inspired actions necessary for his transformation. Now he finally got over the frustration and even the agony of reliving the same day. He declared his happiness and released his attachment to what he wanted. He stated that he will be happy whatever happens next.

Murray’s character announced his happiness and thereby put his positive vibes out into the universe. These positive vibes matched what he wanted with all his heart at that moment. When the vibes match, the meteorologist finally withdraws with Rita until the next day. and the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

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