The man in me

The man in me

I always get this great feeling when people are surprised when I tell them my actual age. I’m like 5 years or more in other people’s minds. Not that I look older but the spirit of God has taught me the right way to speak so that people who know me through social media think I am older.

This is not a matter of bragging, but of allowing someone to learn from me. Young as I am, I have engaged in discussions with people of earlier generations. We talk, exchange ideas and reach a certain understanding. I take responsibility to participate in more discussions all the time.

What did I gain from these discussions?

Quite a lot, if I may say so. Imagine an 18 year old talking to a 45 year old and exchanging ideas (I started these engagements at 18). The 18 year old has more benefits due to experience. The difference comes when there are two kinds of 18-year-olds. One that pays attention and one that doesn’t. I was the one paying attention and following the conversations. At the end of the talks I always added something to my knowledge base.

Then I realized that life is not about achieving much, but about understanding life itself. The truth is, without a clear understanding of life, I just waste time chasing achievements (that doesn’t mean I fully understand life, but I’m getting there).

After being in so many discussions, my knowledge base has become so rich and my morale, although not 100% perfect, is improving. The person in me has changed, I can feel my inner spirit growing faster than my body. Which in itself is not bad.

Then I met one day and he said something awkward but meaningful. In fact, he made me understand two kinds of people. First he told me;

“The way you talk is like an old soul, you will always say things that people don’t understand. But understand this, you don’t need anyone’s validation of your thoughts.’

In my own words, I’m a lunatic and I’m comfortable that way. So it wasn’t hard for me to understand what he meant.

He then proceeded to tell me about a certain type of person that we generally despise in our social circles. This is the class of children known as crystal/indigo children. I hadn’t heard of them, but I went and read them and realized that there is no one-size-fits-all key to life. What leads to my success does not lead to my young brother’s success. The path my father took is radically different from mine, that’s life for us.

So the person in me at the end of the day has become a collection of different experiences. The good part is that I not only experienced but also learned something from the experiences under the guidance of the holy spirit.

It is a great desire of the modern age to conceal its beings and become their personalities.


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