The mobile phone – necessity or addiction?

The mobile phone – necessity or addiction?

oh! This would be a very typical question in the current generation. I would say it has become more of a dependency than a necessity, especially for young people and children. Although mobile phones are initially used as a better way of communication, they have come to occupy an essential part of human life. It definitely gave us very dramatic benefits and allowed us to move forward with technology. This technological development has led to many improvements to the traditional telephones that were used before. Of course, this development may be one of the reasons for cell phone addiction rather than necessity.

Mobile phones are one of the main technological tools that are used more and more often. Initially, it was the tool that was available to only a few people, and today 9 out of 10 people own a mobile phone, including children who go to school. Admittedly, it provides a better way of communication, saves time, helps manage finances on the go, is cheaper and extremely convenient. But with these advantages that are part of the necessity, there are few disadvantages that make it addictive. Cell phones should be an essential part of your life, but they should control your life. Until it is maintained as an essential part, it is a necessity, once it starts to control your life, you are in trouble with addiction. Cell phone addiction can cause serious stress and lead to serious physical problems that can cause permanent disability.

Points to remember to get rid of addiction and medical problems

• Limit cell phone use. Set a specific time to check received notifications. If possible, try customizing notifications.

• Delete unnecessary apps from your phone like social media apps as there are none that important.

• Avoid using the phone while in bed. Try not to use a mobile phone for at least an hour before going to bed.

• Instead of using a smart phone, you better go back to traditional phones, which are always the best choice.

• Enter the real world and try to be a part of human life. Start your conversation directly, not via text or call.

• Using headphones or speakerphone is better as the radiation can be avoided.

• Children should not be allowed to use mobile phone, instead engage them in outdoor activities.

Prevention is always better than cure. So try to control yourself in the use of mobile phones and set aside some time to have a healthy relationship with mobile phones.

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