The tallest Ollie and the biggest Ollie ever made!

The tallest Ollie and the biggest Ollie ever made!

For those of you who are interested in skateboarding, you would like to know who holds the world record for the tallest ollie and the largest ollie! Let me introduce you to the man who holds the world records!

The highest Ollie on flat ground is by Danny Wainwright of England. On February 6, 2000, he performed the Reese Forbes Ollie Challenge at the ASR Show in Long Beach, California. His highest official record is 44.5 inches. It is sponsored by Powell Skateboards and Vans. He started skating about 17 years ago. And he is the envy of every skateboarder, including me!

The record for the largest ollie is held by Danny Way. He holds the world record for distance (24 meters / 79 feet) and height unassisted (7.14 meters / 23.5 feet) while riding a skateboard. Danny Wei was also the first person to jump the Great Wall of China and land successfully.

Danny Way cleared the biggest skateboard structure ever built, The Beijing Mega Ramp™, and he hit 2 world records, skateboard speed and ramp high air.

Although many people have attempted to scale the Great Wall of China before, Danny Wei is known as the first person to scale the Great Wall without motorized assistance.

Danny was also the only person to ever jump from a helicopter into a vertical skateboard ramp. To date, he has broken an incredible six world records! Among the feathers in his cap are the world records for highest quarterpipe air at 23 feet, 6 inches and skateboard distance at 79 feet! Well done Danny Way!!

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