The truth about Sun-In

The truth about Sun-In

The truth about Sun-In

What is Sun-In?

Sun-In is a bleach that permanently bleaches hair, taking out the “natural” highlights in your hair…

Now you are probably wondering how healthy this product is for your hair. Sun-In is not the best product to use on your hair. For hair that is light brown to blonde, this really lightens it, but darker hair will only turn orange.

Usually, Sun-In will lighten all the hair you have, not just the highlights as it’s supposed to. If it doesn’t lighten your hair the way you want, the company recommends reapplying 1-6 times. This is a recommendation that as a stylist, having seen the effects of Sun-In with clients, I would not recommend following. Again, IT’S A REMOVER, you should never put bleach on anyone’s hair more than twice at a time! This should never happen in a salon or at home.

With Sun-In, they recommend not curling or coloring your hair for 4 weeks. I personally do not recommend that you perm or color your hair that has Sun In in it. In my experience, women who have curled their hair with Sun-In on it have had breakage where the product was applied.

As a stylist and color professional, I will not even color or curl someone’s hair that has Sun In on it unless we cut all parts of the hair with Sun In product in him. If we color or perm the Sun-In areas, the hair will break or be so damaged that you’ll have to cut it anyway… although that sounds redundant, the point needs a level of emphasis to we understand the importance of not dyeing or perming this product.

Due to the metals in Sun-In, it does not work well with salon/store bought chemicals. While it may be tempting to try Sun-In because it’s quick and easy, don’t! Better to go to the gym and do it the right way. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more to fix it than you originally wanted.

For your own sake, stay away from Sun-In. If you’ve already used it, be sure to tell your stylist the next time you go to the salon so he/she can take the necessary steps to provide the best service possible.

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