Things to consider while buying a flat, flats in Kr Puram, Bangalore

Things to consider while buying a flat, flats in Kr Puram, Bangalore

Owning an apartment in Silicon City, Bangalore is a dream for many. Day by day the demand for flats is increasing in Bangalore so the real estate companies are doing their best to provide the buyers with all the amenities they need.
These are some tips to keep in mind when buying a flat in Bangalore.

 Location
The main factor is the location of your property. Distance from your workplace, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, road connectivity and public transport facility, internet and water access etc. are a few things to consider when choosing a Location.

 Good infrastructure
You should check carefully whether this property is really your dream home or not. Check for proper furnishings, freshly painted walls, wiring, plumbing and bathroom, etc. before making hasty decisions.

 Correct calculations
First, create a budget so you don’t overspend on your apartment. List the things you are looking for in your apartment, compare the prices with your budget and the current prices in the area and choose the home that meets all your criteria.

 Do your paperwork
Ownership documentation can become tedious if you don’t keep track of it from the start. These are the things to keep in mind:
• Make sure the flats are BBMP approved
• Check the KHATA certificate of the apartment
• Make sure the property is not dependent on loans
• A good real estate attorney can be your lifesaver. If you are completely new to this
• Complete all pending payments before the period specified in the Sales Agreement and be sure to obtain an agreement
• Register your sale deed and KHATA in your name
Although these are not facts that will be explicitly told to anyone buying a house, venkat Estates understands how important buying a first home can be.
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VENKAT ESTATES PRIVATE LIMITED is a Bangalore (India) based company with an uncompromising commitment to creating “Generational Assets”. VENKAT ESTATES always places utmost emphasis on location and attention to detail in both design and build quality, with a passion and vision to enrich lives and communities.
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