Tips for checking the vehicle before hiring from a van hire agency in Belfast

Tips for checking the vehicle before hiring from a van hire agency in Belfast

When it comes to renting a van, most people only focus on checking the type of vehicle, the rental price, and the rental terms. However, experts believe that it is equally important to carry out a thorough inspection of the rented car to avoid possible disputes at a later stage. These checks help renters to ensure that the vehicle is exactly in the condition specified by the van hire company in Belfast. Additionally, it saves them from being charged for previous damage that the vehicle may have sustained that they may have missed notifying the rental company. Brief details of the most important of these checks are as follows.

External checks

When carrying out external inspections, persons must ensure that the vehicle is standing straight and not leaning to one side. They should also check under the front of the van to make sure there are no fluid leaks. Making sure the muffler is working properly and not making excessive noise or smoke is also essential. The front and rear bumpers must be in good condition and the tank cap must be sealed in place and in good condition. Most importantly, the tires on the vehicle offered by the van hire company in Belfast should not have any bulges, scratches or tears.

Cabin checks

While performing external inspections is important, performing inspections inside the cabin is just as important. The main parameters to be checked include driving control, seat position and seat belt accessibility and operation. It is recommended that you start the engine to check that all instruments and warning lights are working properly. The tachograph should also be checked for proper calibration, in addition to which the steering and brakes should be checked for proper operation. Finally, the general cleanliness and maintenance of the cabin interior should be checked as this shows the van hire Belfast company’s commitment to quality and professionalism.

Load security checks

Checking that the vehicle has the correct load capacity as specified by the Belfast van hire company is of the utmost importance. It is also important to check that the vehicle’s axles are strong enough to handle uneven load distribution. The van should also have load restraint equipment such as straps, racks and harnesses to ensure it is held in place during transport. In the case of passenger vans, the seats must be strong enough to support the weight of persons who may have a larger frame or be slightly heavier.

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