Top 10 tips for buying cheap textbooks online

Top 10 tips for buying cheap textbooks online

Top 10 tips for buying cheap textbooks online

Am I short on money? (Stupid question, I know). Trying to figure out how you’re going to afford all the textbooks for your next term? Are you creating new economic theories to balance your meager budget?

Then you’re probably missing out on the best, most efficient way to get your textbooks cheap, I mean really cheap.

Search and buy online. That’s it. That’s the secret. And to make sure you get the best out of it, I’m giving you the Top 10 Tips for Buying Textbooks Online below.

1. Buy early. Don’t wait until the first day of school to go and find the books you need. This is when demand rises, and with it inevitably so do prices. Textbooks sell fast and furiously for this short period of time, and the effort required to get the best deals then is far greater than the effort required just a few weeks before.

If your college or university does not provide the textbook lists in advance, do not despair, contact former students of the course you want to take, or even the professors themselves, and ask them for the books you need to buy. That little extra effort will certainly be worth it.

2. Buy used. Second-hand textbooks are cheaper. This is an undeniable fact. It’s not unusual to find savings of over $50 off list prices.

3. Consider older editions. Often times books on classical physics, chemistry or biology stay pretty much the same for years. If you want to use older editions, you can find books for as little as $1. Not sure if the international edition will cut it? Contact your course instructor and ask. He will probably even recommend an older book.

4. International editions. An International Edition is a textbook that is published outside the United States and Canada and is intended for purchase and use outside the United States and Canada. International releases tend to be drastically cheaper than their US/Canadian counterparts. Here’s the catchpublishers of international editions generally do not authorize the sale and distribution of international editions in the United States and Canada, and such sale or distribution may infringe the copyrights and trademarks of the publishers of such works.

5. Use ISBN numbers to increase the effectiveness of your searches. Every book published after 1970 has a unique ISBN number, using it instead of the author and/or title will make your searches faster and 100% accurate.

6. Free Shipping. Look for sellers with free shipping when you shop. Even though shipping within the US is usually under $4, or maybe because of that, more and more sellers want to offer free shipping to potential customers to convert them into customers. This roughly translates to an additional 10% off a $40 book or 5% off an $80 book.

7. I’m shopping. I know you already know, anyway, let me repeat it in case you just landed on Earth from another planet 10 minutes ago. Compare prices from at least three different sellers before making a decision. If you want to compare online booksellers, you can go to To compare thousands of book sellers around the world, you can go to, the world’s largest book marketplace.

8. Buy local. Check the location of the bookseller you are buying from before closing the deal. The closer the better, as shipping costs go down, the planet is happier and greener, and your community is sure to appreciate the extra business.

9. Sell ​​your old textbooks back when you’re done with them. Chances are the same online bookseller you bought your books from is willing to buy them back, just go to their site and look for their buyback program. In general, delivery of books is free and payment is immediate on receipt. This one sells itself, doesn’t it?

10. Treat your textbooks well. Don’t use them as umbrellas or to kill that giant spider that appeared out of nowhere in the bathtub. Don’t write your crush’s name on it next to little hearts and use it as a canvas when you feel that artistic urge. Remember, you may want to sell them later, and the better condition the book is in, the more money you’ll get for it.

Follow these tips and I guarantee you’ll find more money in your pockets, more time on your hands, and of course, the satisfaction of finally joining the 21st century.

Buy online, you will never go back.

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