Top 7 Similarities Between Business and Politics

Top 7 Similarities Between Business and Politics

Politics and business are so similar in many ways. Of course, politics is much dirtier and usually played by less ethical people, but the similarities are often uncanny. Perhaps a short point by point comment on this topic will open a new perspective on the subject. Below are a few similes to get the mental juices flowing and allow for some conceptual thinking.

1.) In politics, you need to know the district using voter data; in business, you use demographic software to gather customer information.

2.) In politics, you have to make the voter decide to vote for your candidate; in business you have to get the consumer to choose your product or service over your competitor.

3.) In politics, you must use multiple methods to reach the voter; In business, any good marketing program uses multiple media, mediums, and methods to reach the consumer.

4.) In politics you need to show how your candidate is better and different; In business, you need to show how your brand is the best.

5.) In politics you have to get these people to the polls to vote; in business you have to get those customers to get to the door of your business to buy something.

6.) In politics you have to win or you are forgotten; In business you have to beat your competition and the customer has to buy from you or you go out of business.

7.) In politics, the customer decides with his vote; in business, your constituent buys your product or service with their dollar.

I hope this philosophical discussion allows you to see business from a different perspective, and if you are in business and considering politics, forget about it. Business is a much better game than politics and as a politician might say; You can trust me on this in 2006.

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