Top 9 Reasons to Consider Same Day Crown

Top 9 Reasons to Consider Same Day Crown

Imagine it’s a Thursday afternoon before a big Friday event. You have lunch there, and as you bite into your main course, you immediately feel discomfort. Your tooth just cracked. You recover the missing piece and start to panic. What are you going to do? Today, however, there is an unbeatable solution – the same-day CEREC crown. Below are the top nine reasons why you should always consider a same-day crown.

1.) Time saving. Typically, crown placement requires two appointments – one to prepare the tooth and take impressions to send to a lab where the crown is made, and a second appointment to place the crown on your tooth. With same-day crowns, there is no need for a second appointment. The crown is made in-house and placed on the same day, saving you a lot of time.

2.) Less local anesthetic. Fewer visits to the dentist means fewer injections of novocaine or other anesthetics to numb your mouth.

3.) Cost effective. Although the cost of a same-day crown is the same as a traditional crown delivered to production, a same-day crown will save you money in other ways, including money on fuel, time spent at work and childcare costs.

4.) No metal. These crowns do not contain any metal components, which is great for people with certain types of metal allergies.

5.) Dental control. Your dentist, whom you know and trust, has complete control over the shape of your tooth instead of a lab technician.

6.) Less cutting. With CEREC technology and high-quality 3D imaging, there is actually less need to drill as much of your natural tooth as possible than with a traditional crown.

7.) Smaller gaps. CEREC crowns have smaller gaps between teeth than traditional crowns. With smaller spaces between the teeth, the crown is closer to the gum tissue, creating less chance of damage.

8.) No temporary. Everyone hates temporary teeth. You can’t floss for fear of it popping out. To cause even more complications, temporary crowns allow soft gum tissue to grow around them, causing the permanent crown to not fit properly when placed. With same-day crowns, the temporary is completely eliminated.

9.) Fix other problems. During the 20-30 minutes you’ll spend waiting for your crown to be milled, you can offer to take care of other issues like fillings, which will ultimately save you time scheduling another appointment with your dentist.

There’s no need to panic when you have a general or cosmetic dental emergency. With CEREC technology, your well-trained dentist can easily make your smile look like new, restoring your beauty and confidence for Friday’s big event.

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