Top reasons to use Node Js

Top reasons to use Node Js

Node.Js is a cross-platform open source JavaScript-based platform. It provides developers with a JavaScript runtime environment for developing new web tools and web applications. All new developments in the web are due to Node.js technology. Since its invention in 2009, many businesses have greatly benefited from switching to it. Walmart and LinkedIn are the two leading businesses that have switched to Node.js and grown their customer databases.

Top reasons to use it
Every new technology brings some advantages to the business. Node.js, being the latest technology, has brought a lot of benefit to developers in web development tools and applications. Following are some of the reasons to use Node.js in web development.

The first and foremost reason to use Node.js is the lightning speed it brings. This increased speed is due to the V8 engine that Node.js is based on. This V8 engine has the ability to translate JavaScript into local machine codes and increase speed. Another reason for this increased speed is the creation of a single string instead of multiple strings. This solution is also fast because it reduces the number of servers needed for a given application. LinkedIn and PayPal are the two businesses that have greatly benefited from its lightning-fast speed.

2-JavaScript versatility
The next reason Node is used globally is because of its use of JavaScript. JavaScript is recognized worldwide because JavaScript code is the same for servers and clients. In addition, almost all developers know JavaScript and can respond to changing business requirements by gaining control over the code.

3-Used as a proxy server
Using it as a proxy also makes Node.js the most commonly used technology. It fills the gap if a business does not have a proxy server infrastructure but needs to deal with different administrations requiring different response times. This technology can store videos, images and collect data from different sources because it uses the same code as the server.

4-Increased productivity
This technology has also increased business productivity by eliminating the gap between front-end and back-end groups. There is no warehouse between them and their solidarity increases productivity.

5-Efficient in making NPM tools
Most of the companies use this technology because its Node Package Manager (NPM) is super fast, reliable and consistent. This helps businesses achieve easy dependency management. Having more than 60,000 modules in NPM makes it more useful than other computer languages.

6-Better web hosting
Web hosting is one of the biggest business requirements. Due to the growing use of Node.js, web hosting is also gaining momentum. PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers allow companies and businesses to use it without a problem.

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