Traveling to Nigeria?  Then start considering your Nigerian visa

Traveling to Nigeria? Then start considering your Nigerian visa

Traveling to Nigeria? Then start considering your Nigerian visa

If you are planning to stay in Nigeria as a tourist or just a business trip from the UK, then you will need to consider the Nigerian visa standards. As of 07, visa applications must first be submitted online at the Nigerian Consulate. If you’re planning to experience some of this sub-Saharan nation’s excellent locations, then you’ll need to get an invite first. It is not clear if invitations can be obtained through whatever travel company you use.

You cannot go to Nigeria unless you have already been vaccinated against yellow fever. You must be vaccinated not less than three months before you travel, a copy of your official document is also required to accompany your Nigerian visa application. As soon as you apply for a Nigerian visa, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient finances to support yourself for the duration of your stay, provide proof of your itinerary and flights. If you intend to stay in a hotel, you will need to provide details of this.

Nigerian Business Visas

There is certainly still ample opportunity for UK corporate investment in Nigeria, although you should thoroughly check the credentials of anyone who invites you to Nigeria for a business trip. You will need to submit a duplicate of your invitation letter with your Nigeria business visa application explaining the reason for your visit. All visa applications must be accompanied by a current passport that has at least 6 months to its expiry date, together with a passport-sized photograph.

Religious visits

Religious fighting continues to be a cause for concern in parts of Nigeria, and conflicts involving Christians and Muslims can break out. Christian religious travelers and tourists will need a letter through the Nigerian Church. Representatives of foreign nationals of both Islam and Christianity must have an invitation from a religious organization as well as consent from the Ministry of Interior, Abuja, Nigeria, which must be submitted along with all other documents required for a Nigerian visa application .

Academic travelers and tourists

In case you intend to travel to Nigeria for educational reasons as a foreign national college lecturer or university dean, then you will need to have an invitation letter from the host college or university in Nigeria. The letter from the host institution should define the reason behind your visit and these should be attached together with all additional documentation essential for Nigerian visas. If you are a student who wants to visit Nigeria on an exchange trip, then you will need to submit a duplicate of your student ID cards as well as an invitation letter from the host university or college. You will need to submit the letter of invitation, in addition to all other essential details required for a Nigeria visa.

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