Use your videos to earn money

Use your videos to earn money

Is it possible to make money using videos to sell your own product or hire sellers to sell it for you? Yes, it is. YouTube is absolute proof of that. Lots of great promotions and promoters on youtube videos of guitar and piano lessons, anything you can think of. In previous articles, I mentioned the Blendit videos where iPhone blending guys use YouTube for video marketing. Mentos, that candy, have you ever seen those two guys in lab coats where they take Mentos and put them in coke and it creates a pressure explosion and the coke spews like 3 feet in the air.

Go to YouTube and type in Mentos and it went so viral on YouTube. I heard somewhere, and don’t quote me, I think Mentos candy sales, due to the viral nature of everyone buying those Mentos to make those 2 liter coke bottles explode, went up 20%.

Absolutely, video is very powerful for selling, but you need a medium that people’s eyes should be directed to that video. Video vs Audio, if you have 100% attention of someone watching a video or demonstrating a product, or just listening to audio, video will win hands down.

But audio has so many other ways and opportunities to penetrate the minds of potential customers from CDs to listening while working out to cleaning the house. You can multitask and listen to audio. You can’t do that with video. You can’t watch video in your car, or you shouldn’t. So use videos to help sell and spread the word, but don’t forget about the power of your audio.

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