Very Femme, Very Large – Breast forms for love

Very Femme, Very Large – Breast forms for love

If you somehow found yourself stranded on a desert island, what’s the one feminizing item you’d take with you? A boutique that specializes in selling medium to very large breasts conducted a survey. Nearly half of all participants said they would take their breasts with them instead of wigs, clothes, shoes, other body-shaping garments, stockings, etc. And, surprisingly, a very specific type and size of silicone molds were preferred: size 40C attachable, and asymmetrical, also featuring:

  • Full, pointed bulges in the armpits and upper chest
  • Matte, natural, realistic finish
  • Multiple layers of polyurethane shell for the most secure attachment to the chest
  • Prominent nipples
  • Insole with concave design to fit the average body shape
  • One year warranty
  • Sizes 34 to 56 available

Why do breast forms get the most “votes”? They are reported to provide the greatest feminizing effect, making girls instantly feel more feminine in body and mind. And what is it about these asymmetrical silicone breast forms that makes them most popular? All in all, the natural look and feel and the one year warranty made them the cutest.

While 40C isn’t exactly “extra large”, bust shapes that are much larger in size also have their fans, as larger shapes work better with wider shoulders and provide several other benefits, such as :

  • Super softness, some with the natural sag seen in genetic girls
  • A matte, silky finish that gives that “bio touch” and is made with silicone that warms from body heat
  • A more obvious feminine figure with realistic, realistic, sassy nipples
  • As technology and materials improve, these larger boobs are more durable
  • Wobbling, swaying and sexy movement that mimics the natural, young breast

With proper care, molds made with silicone can last a long time. Things you should not do:

  • Don’t sleep with them. Body pressure and weight can compromise integrity and damage forms.
  • Do not puncture as this also compromises the integrity of the product and causes leakage.
  • Do not wait to remove the glue. After you finish wearing them, take them off and clean them immediately. You can soak them in a dish of glue remover (made for this purpose) for about an hour and that will make them easier to clean.
  • Wear a bra with pockets with large or very large breasts to support the weight properly. It’s also essential to take care of your body properly, as too much weight in the front can cause strain in the back and shoulders, especially if you don’t have the necessary muscle tone or strength.

When it comes to sizing, you’ll like your breast forms more if they fit correctly, so here are some tips:

  • Shoulder width matters if you’re worried about looking natural and not so much if you’re not. If you just want big boobs, wear them!
  • How much chest muscle/fat do you have? This is something to keep in mind when buying a cup size, because a B cup can look like a D if you already have a generous amount of buildup in there.
  • Talk to a retailer for help finding the right size for you, but remember that even if you make a purchase and they aren’t exactly what you expected, you can return them (look for a store with a decent return policy) if are not There was no tape or glue attached or in contact with your skin. Or if you’ve worn them a few times and don’t think they’ll work, lesson learned and now you have a gift for someone else who can use them.

You’ll find other help online in stores or forums, and don’t hesitate to network with other transgender/crossdressers. Everyone is looking for connections and support, and you’ll find lots of helpful advice and kindness in this community.

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