Viewing the Bank Vault Report – What the Sales Page Doesn’t Tell You!

Viewing the Bank Vault Report – What the Sales Page Doesn’t Tell You!

In that “View Bank Vault Report” I intend to outline the intricacies of the bank vault reporting system. The system is based on what John Dee calls his easy ladder. This means that unlike the normal continuation of betting until you get a loser, the bank vault report does the opposite. You keep betting until you get a winner. John says he developed the system after his personal betting experience over the years, and like most people I know, he also finds it easier to pick losers than winners. After buying this report, I have to say that I was really impressed first by the easy PDF format. The report is professionally written and makes it easy to read.

Unlike most betting systems that start with the usual stuff of how to place a bet, the bank vault report goes straight into it, meaning you can get to winning money straight away. Like all non-professional betting systems, the bank vault report uses Betfair, although you can use any betting exchange. Honestly, I think Betfair is the best exchange. This system is really worth the money. Since I started 10 months ago I’ve made just over £7000 and started with just £100 in the bank. This system really works. The annoying thing is that it’s not rocket science, it’s simple stuff and I just wish I had figured it out myself and saved some money!

However, John Dee really provides a great service here and I’m glad I invested the small amount as I got my money back in the first 4 days. The potential to earn money is also now greater than ever with the introduction of Bank Vault Report Version 4! This now includes foreign bets too, so you can win even more. In conclusion, I would rate this system 4/5, therefore I rated it number 2 in my top 5 betting systems. The bank vault report is very good value for money and I would advise anyone to take advantage of the system.

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