Violence is the voice of the unheard!

Violence is the voice of the unheard!

Martin Luther King said, “Rebellion is the language of the unheard,” and that’s the message America’s leaders failed to hear decades ago.

On May 29, 2020, thousands of people marched in the streets of America. The death of George Floyd was the spark for riots across America. So how can we stop anger and riots against the police from happening again and again?

During the coronavirus pandemic, Americans listened to their leaders and stayed home, wore masks and socially distanced themselves from their families and friends. They felt sympathetic and even admonished each other if their fellow citizens did not wear a mask. Why… because they were “in it together” and they all wanted to stay safe.

As the country began to open up, the death of George Floyd sent people into the streets to protest the police. They no longer felt “in it together.”

So how do we bring people “together” to help make cities safer for everyone?

Community participation is the key! When citizens actively work together, they do not feel powerless because they have a voice.

As a crime and violence prevention specialist for 40 years, I have brought people together and educated residents on how to protect their families and take responsibility for neighborhood safety. By empowering citizens, we have reduced crime, improved community-police relations, and at the same time reduced fear as we brought neighbors together. On average, there are 2.5 police officers for every 1,000 citizens. It is impossible for the police to protect you! Everyone must work together to stay safe.

Over the years I have seen crime spiral out of control in some areas with gangs taking over. Today, violence costs taxpayers $229 billion a year. Last week, 10 people were killed and 30 injured in Chicago. This can and must be stopped! If we continue to ignore socially isolated citizens, allowing crime and violence to flourish, we will continue down this self-destructive path to socialism and control over people’s lives. Freedom is an inner journey of mind, body and spirit. Freedom does NOT come from the government or the police, but how Americans choose to live their lives.

The majority of citizens want to live in peace in their community and keep their children safe, but city leaders must do a better job of supporting residents with an understanding of how a democratic society and freedom can help for all of us to grow and prosper together.

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